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Anthony Edwards ROY Bid Gets ROBBED

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Like Justin Jefferson before him, Minnesota rookie phenom Anthony Edwards ROY victory was snatched from us by a player who played fewer games. (Shit, this doesn’t look great for the Kaprizov vs Nedeljkovic vs Robertson debate…) Yeah, I said it. Anthony Edwards should have won Rookie of the Year. I’ll be brave, and most definitely not a homer. Many of you already know, I have a long history of never speaking ill about Timberwolves rookie guard Anthony Edwards. I have certainly never called him stupid.

Fellow Timberwolves enthusiast Lancman argued Edwards should be Rookie of the Year months ago. Which is why it is all the more annoying that some twat in the city I actually live in has won the Rookie of the Year over our beloved Antman. And there is nothing I can say that Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd Brian Fantana didn’t say more eloquently back in 2004’s cinematic adventure Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

I mean, come on, Ed! It's bullcrap!

So yeah, it’s bullshit. The NBA ROY voters clearly have no idea what they’re looking for in a ROY candidate. Otherwise, Anthony Edwards ROY victory should have been more unanimous than Steph Curry’s MVP season. Do you know who else didn’t like the snub? The Timberwolves and KAT. Both clearly very unbiased opinions, obviously.

Numbers Usually Never Lie

LaMelo missed like a third of the season and his team still made the playoffs without him! I can PROMISE you that if Anthony Edwards had missed that type of time, the Timberwolves would not have made the playoffs. Some people may say “but what about his first two months? those were pretty bad” And to those people I say, “Hey stranger, shut up, Anthony Edwards should be ROY. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

shamelessly stolen from @7lukamagic on Twitter

ESPN admits that Edwards gave us one of the most entertaining rookie seasons of all time, between his incredible dunks and his even more incredible quotes and his somehow even more incredible lapses in pop culture knowledge, Anthony Edwards is nothing if not entertaining. The most entertaining thing about LaMelo Ball is his dad like 4 years ago.

Moving Forward

We here at 10K cannot abide by this Anthony Edwards ROY snub so we are officially dubbing him the 10K Takes NBA Rookie of the Year. Congratulations, Ant! We all love and support you, you big giant goofball. Come on the podcast.

In conclusion, it’s obvious the NBA voters are ignorant, a statement I am, once again, saying clearly from an objective standpoint and not as a fan who is upset his favorite team’s player got snubbed.

The good news is now they have motivated Antman – and we’ve all seen enough movies and sports moments to know what happens when the haters give a young talent some fuel.

That’s right, Anthony Edwards 2021-22 MVP hype begins today.