Anthony Edwards Top-10 Slam Dunks From The 2023-24 Season

This Anthony Edwards slam dunk was one of the best dunks that never was because it was whistled an offensive foul vs. the Miami Heat in 2022. It’s worth your time to rewatch this throwdown that never was.

Ant-Man has now been a fan-favorite for two years running. Some could even say that he will give Kevin Garnett a run for his money as the face of the Timberwolves franchise. Whether it’s the smug arrogance (I like to say it’s more of a confidence) and dazzling play on the court… we all know why he is a fan favorite: the man can jump out of the building for some posterizing slam dunks. My favorite in-game dunker of all time was Vince Carter. However, Anthony Edwards could give him a run for his money. Now that the Wolves season is over, take a look back at some of Ant’s best posterizing dunks from the 2023-24 season. Anthony Edwards slam dunk!

10. Almost Dunk Of The Year If Converted Over Davis at Staples Center

This list is insane. We will start here with an almost “career-ending” dunk all over Anthony Davis. His head is literally over the rim and Davis’ outreaching arm is still a full basketball shy of blocking Ant. To put this into perspective… Davis is 6′ 10″ and Edwards is 6′ 4.” If Edwards completed this play… it would crack the top two. Let’s continue…

9. Edwards Gives Fan A Little Windmill Action Slam Dunk

After a breakaway, Edwards sails to the basket and throws it down for the Wolves. There were multiple times this year when Ant went to his patented windmill slam.

8. Ant-Man Gets Up In the Bay Area Vs. Former Timberwolf Saric

Edwards cocked it back and put former Timberwolf Dario Saric on a poster. Unfortunately, the young superstar was whistled for taunting after this throw-down.

7. Hesi Slam Dunk in Game 6 Blowout of Denver Nuggets

Edwards exploded past Nuggets defender Michael Porter Jr in Game 6 of the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Ant-Man took it upon himself to ensure the Wolves made it to game 7 in Denver. The Wolves took care of business and handed the Nuggets a 115-70 whooping. Edwards had 27 points, four rebounds, and four assists in the historic win at Target Center.

6. Insane Assist To Himself Vs. the Memphis Grizzlies Off the Backboard Slam Dunk

“Swashbuckling and slamming…” Edwards picked up his dribble, pivoted, and threw the ball to himself the impressive assist off the backboard. Edwards was 11 for 19 in the game and finished with 28 points, five rebounds, and five assists. More importantly, the Wolves improved to 30-11 with the 118-103 victory over the Grizzlies.

5. Ant Gets Way Up For The Putback Slam Dunk in San Antonio

“Climbing the ladder to the rim, escalator style…” This Ant-Man putback was fun to watch. It’s almost like he paused in mid-air, waited for the ball to come down, and then jammed it home.

4. Edwards Takes Off Over Mavericks Daniel Gafford For a Slam Dunk

Ha! Reggie Miller had one of the best quotes of the year here. “Somewhere John Collins is saying Thank you…” Even though the Wolves ended up losing this game to the Mavericks, Edwards balled out with 26 points, nine rebounds, and nine assists.

3. Ant Exploding to the Rim For the Slam Dunk over Pistons Jalen Duren

“Shake Milton is shook…” Edwards curled off the ball and drove the lane to slam it home. Ant knows how to get the bench involved, and the crowd in Detroit.

2. Ant Soars For the Slam Dunk To Put Wolves Through to the Second Round

Edwards had the Phoenix Suns right where he wanted them. Up 113-111 with two minutes remaining in game 4 of the opening round of the NBA Playoffs, Ant drove baseline, past Suns guard Bradley Beal, and slammed it home, putting an exclamation mark on the first-ever Minnesota Timberwolves Playoffs sweep in franchise history.

1. Anthony Edwards With the Ferocious Slam Dunk Over Utah Defender John Collins

This dunk was voted NBA Dunk of the Year. It’s easy to say that this is no. 1. The aggression, the poster, and the finish, were insane. I jumped out of my seat at Chili’s when I saw this live. The Wolves ended up defeating the Utah Jazz 114-104 in this game. Edwards had 32 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists in the contest.

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