Are the Loons Finally Showing Hope?


Well, Minnesota sports fans the Loons have kicked off the MLS playoffs on Sunday against the Colorado Rapids and we don’t know what to expect. There are two scenarios as sports fans, “Is Minnesota finally showing hope”? or is this going to be a shit-show just like every other team in Minnesota gives us in the playoffs. Well, I got to say this, “It was a kick in the nuts and man was I surprised with the showing the Loons gave us, a 3-0 shutout over the Colorado Rapids”.

Now when watching and analyzing the game, I had to kick back and have a few Michelob Goldens knowing this might be entertaining to watch. Then I decide minus well do some betting on Draftkings and see where that takes me, well didn’t do shit on Draftkings and passed out by the end of the game. At the least the Loons gave a solid performance and ultimately surprised many Minnesota soccer fans, or I should think they were surprised by the performance.

When looking forward to the next match-up the Minnesota Loons are taking on the 1st seed Sporting Kansas City. This match-up is suppose to be better and a lot more even? I cant wait to crack a few open and watch this outcome. On the other hand quick fact check, should it be the Minnesota Loons or Minnesota United, who the f”’ cares, it’s the same team. Just like talking to sports maniacs at the bars, and them getting all pissed of cause they go by Minnesota United not Minnesota Loons, well dude you know who you are and I’ll be returning to the Pub on Dec. 1st or 2nd , so “F**k You”.