Are the Minnesota Twins Waving the White Flag for 2021?

MLB Twins

So far, this offseason has not gotten off to the best start for the Minnesota Twins. A team that had revamped its bullpen last offseason and believed that was the final piece to contend for a World Series, seems to be throwing in the towel on the 2021 season.

Trevor May, Tyler Clippard, Sergio Romo, Eddie Rosario are all gone just to name a few. These were all major contributors to the back-to-back American League Central Division Champions. If the Twins want to let them walk, then let them walk but can we please see some fucking action to refill some of those shoes? I get that the MLB offseason is slow but Jesus Christ, It’s been 17 years since they last won a playoff game.

It’s Time to Go All In

The icing on the fucking cake though is that the Twins reportedly pulled their offer off the table for Nelson Cruz according to La Velle E. Neal III. Yeah, yeah, yeah he’s like 63 maybe 64 next year but he single-handedly carried the Twins offense 2020. Pay the man $40 Mil to swing his “Boom Stick” for 1 more year in Minneapolis, especially since you freed up all that cap space letting half the bullpen and your left fielder go.

Now is the perfect time to go ALL IN and try and win something for once. When do we ever go all in? Last year we signed 34-year-old injury-prone Josh Donaldson to 21 Million a year, I’d need 5 lifetimes just to make that amount of money my whole life, and Donaldson played less than half the season last year.

I am sick and tired of watching the “Penny Pincher” Pohlad’s year in and year out not spend any money…. Meanwhile, we have the White Sox in Chicago signing everyone the last two years. Twins had a good run in the regular season for the last couple of years, but it looks like we will be the White Sox little brother for the foreseeable future.