Are the Minnesota Twins Worth Betting on in 2023?

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So it looks like the snow might be finally starting to melt out there. It’s been a long, hard winter full of cold and disappointment. Vikings fucking blew it. Wild may be turning it around but started off like shit. And the Wolves are the Wolves. There’s no doubt that we’re ready for spring. What comes with spring? Baseball. The MLB season starts this week so lets break down the Twins division, pennant & World Series odds.

AL Central Champions (+215)

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This is about what we can expect. It’s gonna be a tight race between us, White Sox and Indi…Guardians (side note – I think the team name “Guardians” may be the worst in sports next to Commanders).

The White Sox are absolutely LOADED with young studs. Louis Robert, Andrew Vaughn and Dylan Cease are just a couple. If these guys all take a big steps forward, I could see these scumbags winning 100 games this year.

The Guardians are the Guardians. They got one of the best players in baseball in José Ramírez with a decent surrounding cast. But for every one of those players you say, “Oh I’ve heard of that guy,” they also got a guy you don’t know that will go 4-5, with 6 RBI’s to beat the Twins at Target Field on a Tuesday night.

The Twins have made some nice moves re-signing Correa and trading for Pablo Lopez, but it did cost us Luis Arraez. Which some don’t seem too worried about it, but it’s tough to find a guy who can lead the American League in batting average and play pretty much every defensive position. With Jorge out to start the season, it sure would be nice to have a guy like him right about now. We did get Lopez, but the Twins still lack an ace in the rotation and that would be the reason I would be hesitant to bet them to win the division.

I’m not gonna lie…I don’t give a shit about the Tigers or Royals. They’ll win a couple series this year but I would be shocked to see either of them win more than 70 games. These are must win series against these teams for the Twins if they want to win the Central. I would say the Twins at +215 is decent and I’ll probably bet it but wouldn’t mind seeing a little better value.

American League Pennant (+1600)

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To me, +1600 seems a little low. I think the odds makers are over estimating the Twins a bit here. Let’s not forget that this team hasn’t won a playoff series since 2002. Two thousand and fucking two. That’s crazy. Although we have added a few nice pieces this off season, lets not kid like they’re all gonna be there in the playoffs. Remember when we sent out Uber driver Randy Dobnak to win a playoff game? C’mon.

It’s right, but it’s disgusting to have the cheating Astros and the fuck face Yankees at the top. I do look forward to us losing to one of those two teams if we do indeed make it to the playoffs though. I don’t see the value in Minnesota at +1600 but the team I do see value in here is Seattle. The Mariners are GOOD and at +900 you get some nice value.

World Series Champions +3500

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So we can all just go ahead and calm down. Although it would be absolutely EPIC, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think the Twins are going to win the World Series. I would LOVE to be a .12 BAC at a Twins championship parade on a Wednesday afternoon but it’s just not gonna happen. I probably will throw 10 bucks on it just because. What would I do with that $350? Party my ass off the night after the Twins win the World Series.