Are The Timberwolves More Competent Than The Twins?


The Twins have made some poor choices of late when talking about trades. It begs the question, are the Timberwolves more competent than the Twins?

This is a pretty bold statement but man, some of these moves the Twins have made haven’t been too good. It is a clear overreaction but with how the Twins have been playing as of late, a good overreaction blog is In order.


The most obvious bad move of late is moving Luis Arraez. Anyone who still says it is a good trade….please just stop talking. You are wrong and that is okay. You don’t have to get on your knees and defend everything your favorite team has done, trust me. Pablo Lopez is like a 2, or 3 MAX. He is not an ace and will not be one. A year where we actually have some pretty good pitching but our hitting is absolutely abysmal. It would be a good time to have a guy who is currently hitting .400 (!) to help our piss poor offense. But why would we want that? All you bozos are saying, “well he doesn’t hit for power.”

Look at him!!! He is elite. WHO CARES IF HE HITS FOR POWER!!!! Arraez is single handily helping the Marlins win games, while the Twins can barely muster up more than a run or two each night. We are on pace to break the strikeout record, hoo boy! While Arraez has more multi hit games than strikeouts in his career. Open your eyes bozos and accept Arraez would be so much more valuable than Pablo. I don’t have a problem with Pablo but I like to be realistic.

Look at this incredibly sad stat. Really can’t make a case to me how we couldn’t use more hitting after seeing this. We have a few “stars” too and this is the case, comical. Everyone just wants guys who hit .200 and hit HRS. That is nice and all but when we are striking out at this rate and get on base it doesn’t matter.

The other few recent mistakes include trading for awful Jorge Lopez, Tyler Mahle, and the trade that sent Lamonte Wade Jr to the Giants. I am really trying to think of a recent trade that was exceptional for us, but it’s truly hard to think of one off the dome. The two main pieces we traded for Jorge and Mahle are both already playing very well. Of course that is the case though, it is Minnesota sports luck.

The Timberwolves have been pretty much completely incompetent their whole existence. It is just fun to rile people up, that doesn’t mean the Twins haven’t been pretty disgraceful too. I love the Twins and will always root for them but it is okay to question their decisions. You don’t have to defend everything they do, there is nothing wrong with ripping them once in a while. I hope they turn it around but things are looking grim at the moment. In a few weeks lets hope we can look at this blog and realize it was pointless. Go Twins.