Minnesota Vikings tanking

Plain And Simple, The 2023 Minnesota Vikings Are Cooked


The 2023 NFL season is rolling and in full force. But man, this shit fucking sucks. Another 1-score loss at the hands of the defending Big Game champion Chiefs sees the Vikings fall to 1-4 on the season. The usual issues were in play in this L, the Vikings literally fumbled on the first play of the game. Maybe the refs had a hand in this too. But there are too many issues at the moment with this team. And that’s why I’m VERY close to declaring that the 2023 Vikings are cooked.

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But Age, why is this team not getting it done?

Well, readers, it’s pretty plain and simple. Despite all the players we’ve sent off and acquired, the Vikings are still a coin-flip team. Last year, we were on the good side of it. Winning every close game, it was the fucking best. But now the good days are over and gone, and the Vikings are 0-4 in 1-score games in 2023.

Big plays and turnovers, that’s what wins you games. And yet, the Vikings are getting CRUSHED in both those categories. The Vikings are dead last in the league in turnover differential. It’s pretty hard to be successful when you can’t protect and take away the ball.

The run game is atrocious. Kirk Cousins is getting blitzed every other play and fighting for his life. TJ Hockenson got a ton of cash and then caught a case of the fucking dropsies. Ultimately, the defense just can’t sustain all the mishaps from the offense. It’s a fucked up cycle that rears its ugly head week after week.

this is bad, right?

And I haven’t even mentioned JJ getting hurt. So God help me if that man has to miss any time this season. Him being there in the 4th would have been a game-changer. I know it’s the Chiefs, but this game is one the Vikings should have had. Another game that we’ll look back on and say, “Damn, the Vikings had a chance to win that one.” So frustrating.

I won’t get into all the ref finger-pointing. I’ve never been that type of fan. All I’m saying is, that the Kansas City Chiefs have taken the “luck” from the Pats and Packers and now seem to have the refs’ best interest in mind.

Bleh, this shit makes me sick. I just hope we beat Chicago next week, otherwise, this 2023 season will start to become unbearable.