Are the Vikings……tanking?


Few things in life are a sure thing. The weather, keeping your car clean after getting a $14 car wash, and the Vikings keeping our feelings in tact are NOT among those things. This team, who had such high hopes at the beginning of the year, has now turned into a dumpster fire in the worst possible way. Watching this team every Sunday is like looking at an accident on 494 – you know you shouldn’t stop your day and watch, but you can’t help yourself. Now, some fans are saying we fix these problems by losing the rest of our games and TANKING for Trevor Lawrence…….

Yes, Kirk Cousins has been pretty dog shit. We could definitely use someone that won’t throw it right to the other team. But for heaven’s sake, Vikings fans. This franchise has far too many problems that can just be fixed by an amazing 21-year-old. The defense couldn’t stop anyone if they put a fucking bulldozer on the field. When you rank bottom-5 in pass rush, coverage and run defense, things are going to be awful no matter what. It’s actually pretty insane to see this happening, considering Mike Zimmer said earlier this summer that “he’s never had a bad defense”.

Good one, Mike! I really believed you when you LIED to everyone’s face. But let’s face it: these struggles were bound to happen. An entirely new cornerbacks room, no big improvements to stop the run up the middle, (See you next year, Michael Pierce?) and no improvements to a dogshit offensive line. Hell, we made shit even worse by cutting our best guard Josh Kline who is STILL OUT THERE BY THE WAY. Rick Spielman was so smart for that one. Now our best options at the position is D̶r̶u̶ ̶S̶a̶m̶ia Ezra Cleveland, who has been thrown to the dogs the last couple weeks. Woof. But the real question is: will the Vikings ever actually tank? While I doubt this team will ever think to go completely in the toilet, there are signs of getting ready for next year in the air.

Head coach basically said it himself folks. Zimmer all but said that they’re retooling for 2021. Trading Yannick Ngakoue, after 5 sacks in only 6 games in purple, out of nowhere is enough to let people know something is going on. My burning question is: will others be next? God please don’t let us trade someone we really care about.

Tank for Trevor? That’s a little ridiculous. Fail for Fields is a way better plan.