Are the Wild About to Pull a 2019 Blues? 


This season has been, uh, frustrating, to put it lightly. Injury after injury, coaching changes, new lines night after night, the list goes on. So, we can all agree, it hasn’t been easy. Now, before I get into it I just want to let it be known that I NEVER thought I’d be comparing the 2023-2024 Wild to the 2019 St. Louis Blues, but here we are. And here we go. 

In 2019 the St. Louis Blues were, without a doubt, terrible. Absolute garbage. For the first half. Following the firing of their coach, Mike Yeo (ring a bell?), they went on to win 11 straight games following the All-Star break, absolutely STORMED into the playoffs, and in dramatic fashion, won game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Bruins. This, my friends, is what you call history. 

Worst to fricken first. Kind of like the Twins back when they won the World Series. Except that wasn’t the same season. This, with the Blues, was WITHIN THE SAME SEASON. 

As mentioned, the Wild are terrible. Injuries have brought the worst luck to this team but let’s look at the facts. Kaprizov played a great game the other night against the Islanders, Fleury now owns the second most wins as a goalie in NHL history, and Brock Faber is continuing to play out of his freaking mind. So, with the pieces potentially coming together, are the Minnesota Wild about to be the 2024 version of the 2019 St. Louis Blues? 

Friends, time will tell.