Are the Wild Good Again with a Terrible Coach?


If you’ve been living under a rock the past three days or just oblivious to Earth-shattering news that changes the course of, well, everything, it’s time for you to pay attention and listen close. Dean is gone, John is in, and our Minnesota Wild won their first game in what seems like years. 

Cheers to Deano

As the Wild continued to blow chunks, Billy G’s decision to can Dean was inevitable. With what was a seven game losing streak, we all knew it was coming but it still hurt all the same. While we will miss the fists, swear words and grit, the memories with Evason will be everlasting. 

Our Favorite Dean Moments

Welcome Johnny

Historically John Hynes is a terrible coach, but I have faith in Bill’s decision-making skills. As we’ve learned in the past with this hockey club, sometimes all it takes is a change on the bench to get them going. And after last night’s win against the Blues, are we about to see the team go on a run?

It’s anyone’s game at this point. Time to see if the Wild’s season can be salvaged.