Arena Football Is Back In Minnesota


You can never have enough football. NFL? Love it. College? Love it. High School? Love it. XFL? It’s fine. CFL? Eh, she’ll do in a pinch. Arena? Fuckin’ A Damn Right that’s A-Okay with your boy Renz. Arena football is back in Minnesota and I. AM. PUMPED!

Seriously, this news is so fresh. Even when you go to the Arena Football League Website they don’t even have teams listed yet. FRESH!

Return Of The Fighting Pike?

Back in 1996 the Target Center was the home to a little Arena Football Team called the Minnesota Pike.

Based off these logos there’s no other team name that you could possibly pick, right? RIGHT?! It would be cool to have a true Minnesota team name represented beside the Loons. (I don’t watch soccer because it’s boring, so as far as I’m concerned, they barely exist).

Do the right thing AFL and bring back the Minnesota Fighting Pike.

And hey, if you feel so inclined, you can catch an entire Fighting Pike game against the Texas Terror back in 1996 at Target Center below. In case you were wondering I’ll be watching the entire game.

When Will They Play?

From everything I’ve read it looks like they’ll start play in April of 2024. That’s just fantastic. Having a little more than a month after the Super Bowl to calm down and get jazzed for Arena Football is the PERFECT amount of time.

And right when NHL and NBA playoffs are getting ramped up?! The bet slips will be rolling even more come spring of 2024. Can’t come soon enough. Sorry in advance to my life savings.

Where Will They Play?

I’m assuming they’re going to need some sort of indoor arena. Ha, get it? You know, since it’s the Arena Football League? Uh, anyway, what are our options?

Target Center

Target Center is kind of a dump. However, it would actually be fitting for them to play there since it is the Arena Football League but definitely not my first choice.

Xcel Energy Center

As I was thinking of all the options where they could play, I could really only come up with these two. And after thinking about it more I concluded that it’s probably going to be at the X. Plus, they seem to be notorious for housing these weird B Class sports leagues. For example, do you remember the lacrosse team the Minnesota Swarm? (buzz sound)

How silly. Lacrosse is just barely more of a sport than soccer is and the Swarm (buzz sound) even got to play in this immaculate hall of hockey. This is without a doubt my guess where our Arena Football team will be housed.

You can never have enough football and with arena football back in Minnesota, it’s just that much better.