The Ultimate Way to View Sports: Bally Sports Extreme

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Unless you have DirecTV, you already have Bally Sports North, and possibly Bally Sports Extra. Both channels host a majority of Twins, Wolves, and Wild games along with some behind the scenes Vikings stuff, Lynx coverage and more. As a Minnesota sports fan it’s probably the most important channel(s) to me. But I’d love to propose to Bally Sports a million BILLION dollar idea. Bally Sports Extreme ™.

What is Bally Sports Extreme? Let me tell you. Instead of listening to Lapanta, Dick Bremer, Jim Pete, etc. (all of which I love and think they do an INCREDIBLE job). You get the sounds of the game all game long. Uncensored action for the whole 60 minutes/9 innings.

How would it work?

There’s definitely some kinks to work out, but those are for people that are much smarter than me. Obviously the network would have to be on a mature station due to the constant F bombs and other explicit language. But maybe it’s a subscription that’s $5.99 a month? I’d 100% be willing to fork that over to listen to the players/umpires/coaches/refs/etc.


We got a glimpse of this in the 2020 season since there were zero fans allowed at the ballpark. The mics picked up a lot of frustrated hitters and managers barking at umpires.

Example A

Manager hot mic

Example B


1A and 1B with baseball for my favorite sports mic’d up hockey would provide incredible content. Between all the chirping on the ice and benches, hearing what players and coaches say to refs… and sometimes refs to players. But the best in my humble opinion would be during a Kerfuffle .

Refs getting in on the action
Just a good ole classic F bomb.


Now, if we could rewind and have this for KG’s career I’d pay $1,000 a month for this hypothetical subscription. There’s tons of trash talk up and down there court. This would produce “THIS LEAGUE” tweets at a 10x higher rate.

Give me all the authentic game content. Let us sit in the dugout, on the glass, and court side. This would be flat out awesome. C’mon, Bally. Give us Bally Sports Extreme.