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Bally Sports North is a JOKE and nobody’s laughing

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This week Bally Sports North announced they wanted a “fresh start” and are moving on from Dave Benz. This certifies Bally’s status as a joke. And, in a move with a stunning lack of self awareness, the same day they put Benz out to pasture, Bally Sports North announces that they are launching a $20/mo streaming platform.

A stupid, brutal, heartbreaking decision

To us loyal long time Wolves fans, Dave Benz IS Wolves basketball. Through all the years of horrid basketball he was a staple and something you could look forward to in an otherwise miserable season, now that is no more. 

After one of the best and most fun years for the Wolves in almost two decades, they decide to do this, like what? I find it hard to believe there are people out there who didn’t like Dave. Sure you don’t need to love him but to hate him, hard for me to believe that. 

And they hurt Jim Pete too. Monsters.

It’s really sad too because he was finally getting to commentate GOOD basketball, and they pull the rug out from under him. Him and Jim Pete were a top broadcasting duo in the league so this really makes no sense. For real, fuck you Bally Sports North. We want Dave back. 

Dave Benz IS Wolves basketball til the end of time no matter who comes in next. I truly feel sorry for them. Just listen to these calls from this year and try to justify moving on from this man. You can’t.

Listen to this and try and say Dave Benz isn’t one of the best in the biz.

Wolves Nation loves you Benz. The fight may not be over, after some fans created a petition to keep Benz around. It’s rapidly approaching 7,500 signatures after just a day. Hopefully, the “powers that be” at Bally Sports North are better at reading petitions than they are reading the room. We wish you the best of luck in whatever comes next. Thanks for everything.