Scumbag LaRussa

Baseball Doesn’t Love You Anymore, Tony La Russa!

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2 DUI’s. 3 World Series championships. 4 Manager of the Year awards. 6 league championships. All in the span of 36 baseball seasons. Quite a list of accomplishments for Chicago White Sox manager, Tony La Russa.

La Russa has been a great manager from day one and has always commanded the respect of his players and fans around baseball. Just ask future Hall of Famer, Albert Pujols. Pujols has spoken very highly of La Russa over the years and still does to this day despite not having played for him in over 10 years.

However, this time around with the White Sox, La Russa has completely failed at commanding that respect. Baseball fans want him out.

Scumbag La Russa

Baseball doesn't love Scumbags. Here is Tony LaRussa being one.
Tony La Russa trying to bet “hip”

Remember when La Russa got upset at White Sox Catcher, Yermin Mercedes for taking POSITION PLAYER Willians Astudillo deep in a 3-0 count (while up by a fuck ton on the Minnesota Twins)? When La Russa got upset at Mercedes for that, I personally got pretty hot. I know many others did too.

In the following game, Minnesota Twins Pitcher Tyler Duffey appeared to intentionally throw at Mercedes for hitting that home run. Normally, managers will defend their players and say that they won’t tolerate their guys getting thrown at.. but that’s not what happened at all. For La Russa to come out and say he’s okay with Mercedes getting thrown at was absolutely fucked. What sack of shit says that?

After his comments, La Russa quickly found himself in hot water and soon became the face of the “I hate fun baseball” movement. You know who makes baseball fun? Fernando Tatis Jr… Imagine if the White Sox had held onto Tatis Jr instead of trading him to San Diego… I honestly don’t know what La Russa would do with him. Probably bench him every other homerun.

Old school is dead as shit

With La Russa being the oldest manager in the game, there’s no question why he’s so stuck in his ways. A lot of dinosaurs like him are. But as the saying goes, “adapt or die”. In order for him to be successful as a manager in the game of baseball today, La Russa NEEDS to get over his old-school bullshit and just let his team play their game. The White Sox are kicking ass and taking names this season, why fuck it up?

Also, La Russa still likes to bunt… in 2021. Somebody get Kent Murphy out to Chicago and have him teach La Russa that bunting is for “dickwads”.

Tony La Russa is A drunk and He Always Be!

Like all of us at 10K, La Russa likes to have a couple of drinkie poos from time to time. However, La Russa appears to not know that there are other options than drinking and driving.

La Russa 2007 DUI Arrest

Back in March of 2007, La Russa decided to have a couple of drinks down in Jupiter, Florida during spring training (he was managing the St. Louis Cardinals at the time). He passed out behind the wheel of his car at a traffic light.

You can see the full video of his 2007 DUI arrest below.

Per the dashcam video, La Russa admits that he had a few drinks.. two glasses of wine to be exact. He was arrested then arrested for DUI and was taken back to the Police station. At the station, he agreed to take a breathalyzer, in which he blew a 0.093%.

La Russa apologized and said he would never do it again… until 13 years later.

La Russa 2020 DUI Arrest

On February 24th of 2020, La Russa found himself in trouble with the law again, this time in Phoenix, Arizona. Officers responded to a call for service and found La Russa’s car smoking on the side of the road after drunky hit a curb.

You can see a WGN video of La Russa’s 2020 DUI arrest below.

Officers approached him and immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from his breath.

They conducted a field sobriety test and administered a breathalyzer. La Russa blew a 0.09%. He was then placed in the back of the squad car and started to speak about how he is a hall of famer. Even some of the officers knew who he was and how big he was within the game of baseball.

What a fucking clown. This is him trying to get out of his shitty situation. Shut the fuck up and take your medicine like everyone else who decides to drink and drive.

In a statement after his first DUI in 2007, La Russa said he had learned his lesson and would never do it again. He here is, fucked up once more. That’s what really bothers me. He may have not hit a person or another vehicle, but the fact that he thinks this is ok is maddening. He was let off the hook pretty easily too because of who he is, only getting community service. Baseball fans attacked La Russa for this pretty fiercely up until the regular season started.

People make stupid decisions, like drinking and driving. You shouldn’t judge someone off one stupid decision, but I sure as fuck will after two stupid “decisions”. Like Trailer Park Supervisor, Jim Lahey, Tony La Russa is a fucking drunk and he always will be.

“La Russa’s Lounge” has baseball fans pissed off

** The following may seem like a White Sox trashing but trust me, I blame La Russa for the following bullshit **

About a month ago, the White Sox renamed a section in their ballpark after their hall of drunk manager.

“La Russa’s Lounge” they call it. Yeah, doesn’t seem like a big deal.

It was named “Loretta’s Lounge”, after long-time White Sox employee, Loretta Micele (RIP Loretta Micele). Micele had the section named after her back in 2005 to celebrate 60 years of employment with the team. She was honored during the 2005 World Series.

Turns out, La Russa already had a section named after him! No fucking shit, right? Total fuck up on the White Sox end. The White Sox are claiming that the section was renamed prior to the 2020 season, to which no fans were in attendance for.. kinda sketch, right boys?

To make matters even worse, the White Sox didn’t even tell the family of Micele that they had changed it. They found out earlier this year when they went to a game and saw that the sign had been swapped to “La Russa’s Lounge”. Micele’s family then checked in with the White Sox on the whereabouts of the sign. According to the family, they were told it had been thrown away.

Fans aren’t happy about this either.

I’m sure La Russa didn’t have any hand in this, but the fact that his name is attached to it kinda has me hot, as well as others. He already had a section named for him, so why fucking change it and screw over a family like this? Keep his shit where it is.

The White Sox promised to correct their fuck up by honoring Micele with a plaque in that section.. but that honestly doesn’t do shit for me. They also promised to give the family a replica of the sign that they had trashed, which should please the family to an extent.

Great fuck up, White Sox, and fuck you, Tony La Russa.

Leave the game of baseball, La Russa!

As stated before, I think it’s time for La Russa to leave the game of baseball. He did nothing when he worked for the Commissioner’s Office, he did nothing with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and he hasn’t done jack fucking shit with the White Sox this time around.

It’s not him being the manager of the White Sox that is leading them to success either. It’s his talented ass roster! The only manager that could derail this club is Rocco Baldelli, but I think he’s safe with Minnesota for the time being…If La Russa keeps his mouth shut the rest of the year and lets his squad play their game, he’ll be fine! But right now, he’s nothing more than an old, crusty, expensive ass lineup creator (which can be generated by literally anyone that watches baseball).

Sorry, La Russa. The future is now old man!