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Becoming a Kirk Cousins Twitter Stan

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I have often wondered what it was like to be a Kirk Cousins apologist. How could you possibly stand up for a QB who is so average it hurts. Well, I just spent my entire Monday, after a horrifying loss to the Cowboys, being a Kirk Cousins Stan online. Here’s how it went.

Changing Twitter Name/Profile Picture

First point of business was to switch my profile name from Deno10k to CousinsDaGoat. Then I swapped out my profile picture, which was the scrappy Mystery Alaska hockey team, to one of Kirk Cousins.

Time To Search “Kirk Cousins” on Twitter

So it begins. Our first interaction was with this Bears fan. Not really a football mind when he suggests that Kellen Mond start at QB, but who was expecting a Bears fan to be well versed in quality quarterback analysis.

Then we found this guy who blames Kirk Cousins for Diggs losing his shit in Minnesota and requesting a trade. He conveniently forgot how much of a diva Stefon was and places the blame squarely on Kirk.

Okay now I become a full on troll. Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him.

In the middle of all my defending, I started to get a little angry and lashed out at others. I do not apologize.

I even lashed out at those I love.

I finally found someone who agrees with me.

He gets it. I know he is trolling Kirk, Vikings fans and everyone else on Twitter, but at the end of the day so was I.

What did I learn?

I could never “stan” anyone. I thought people exaggerated the amount of time that other users spent defending their favorite athletes or political leaders. Turns out, it is a full time job and I was exhausted by hour 2.

You didn’t really think I would write an entire blog with the “stan” in it a million times and not include the best song ever released.