Believe it or not…Minnesota is coming around!

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Minnesota's big two

A quiet Minnesota resurgence

As the Vikings got blown out to the Cowboys over the weekend, the Minnesota Timberwolves have quietly strung together back-to-back wins that they so desperately needed. Struggling after losing 5 of 6 with their only win coming against the Houston Rockets which hold the Worst record in the NBA. It was finally time to put the egos away and start building together as a team. It ultimately came from an unlikely source..


Finally, some leadership.

What’s a leader mean to you? Is it the guy who scores the most points, has the highlight play, or maybe the one who scores the game-winning basket? To me, it’s not any of those. Those plays are nice and their definitely the ones that get the most praise. But they don’t happen if you do not have a true leader on your team, someone who is worried about holding people accountable and building chemistry. Where are the Wolves last year if Patrick Beverly doesn’t take control and stop the bad behavior that has run rampant in that locker room for years and years? Probably where we started this year honestly. During Wednesday’s game vs the Magic, we saw some encouraging signs from the man who loves to talk about being a leader without doing the small things.

Karl Anthony Towns has talked about winning in Minnesota and doing all the little things since the minute he was drafted. It’s largely been big box scores and hollow stats. Against the magic, I finally started seeing things that make Towns look like a leader. He’s going to get his, he’s too talented not to. But what you’ll see below is what everyone needs to see day in and day out.

Call it what you want.

People are going to say I’m reaching on this and say it’s too small of a sample size to take anything seriously. That all might be true and like the local media most people might be on the trade KAT or get him out of town. It’s been 8 years since KAT arrived and I believe he just signed the biggest contract in Minnesota Timberwolves history, so let’s hope that this gets them on track. As we all know Winning cures everything, 2 wins in a row turn into 3, and then you are off to the races. There’s too much talent on this team not to be good. It just takes a little time… breathe Wolves fans. The Future might be a little brighter than we think. Bring on the good vibes.

The Wolves had a true test against the 76ers on Saturday and WON! Remember 3’s a streak.