Best courses to play this winter

Best Golf Courses to Play This “Winter”

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Fuck yeah baby, an early golf season? Are we living in a dream?! Thank you global warming! As much as I love winter activities like ice fishing and pond hockey, nothing compares to golf. Right as the season ends I’m instantly thinking about it. Hell, I’m in a simulator golf league on Tuesday nights at Optimal Golf Performance. You have to keep your swing intact during the offseason. Well, now that we’ve been blessed with immaculate weather, it’s time to get the clubs out of storage. Let’s go over the best golf courses to play this winter.

My source for this blog is this article on Twin Cities Golf so don’t blame me if these courses aren’t open. Also, I should mention that you are only allowed to walk which makes perfect sense. Any real groundskeeper doesn’t want to start behind the 8-ball this early.

Stonebrooke (Shakopee)

Stonebrooke is easily one of the best golf courses to play this “winter”. Such a great track but there’s no way the greens are going to be rolling like early season. This bodes well in your favor to smash putts. These greens are tricky but will be favorable to go low baby. You’ll also be gassed from the walk from holes 7 to 8 since there’s no way the pontoon is running. Still well worth it.

Refuge Golf Club (Ham Lake)

The Refuge is one of those courses that you either love or hate. If you’re squirrelly off the tee, you’re in for a long day but if you can play target golf you’re in business. The great thing about playing in February is you most likely won’t hit into a wedding like I did a few years back. I swear weddings are magnets for golf balls.

Pioneer Creek GC (Maple Plain)

I have major beef with Pioneer Creek. It has nothing to do with the course because it’s really fun to play. Tons of fun tee shots, awesome par threes, and a rather open course layout. I may or may not have left my range finder magnetized to the cart and someone got a new Bushnell range finder. I’m currently on my third one…

Rum River Hills GC (Anoka)

Rum River Hills might be the perfect place to kick off your 2024 golf season. If you’ve golfed here before you already know what I’m going to say. It’s nothing special by any means but it’s not a difficult course so you should be able to score well. However, as every golfer knows, things don’t always go according to plan. I probably should’ve picked a better picture for this, but I think it’s perfectly fitting. Rum River is still one of the best golf courses to play this winter.

Tanners Brook GC (Forest Lake)

I always love to shit on Tanners Brook because I grew up/still live in the area and have played it a million times but it’s a great bang for your buck. I should mention that this course has my fucking number. It’s not hard but god do I ever make it hard. I’m so good at compounding my mistakes here but I digress. They also have by far the best pours in the state at the bar. I can guarantee you’ll warm up fast with their half-and-half drinks.

If you have some spare PTO you should absolutely use it to get out and golf. The weather looks amazing, great options in the metro area and you’ll be golfing in fucking FEBRUARY!! HELL YEAH!

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