Best Minnesota license plates 2023

Best Minnesota License Plates I saw in 2023

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One of my favorite bits to pull is the long bit. For whatever reason, I decided that 2023 was the year I would document any Minnesota license plate that I found worthy of this blog. Like many of you, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a customized license plate. My brain can’t justify paying extra for something you get for “free”. These people are absolute lunatics and are compensating for something they missed out on in early childhood. See for yourself.

I swear to God this isn’t me. I’ve never owned a car in my life. Strictly a truck guy for better or worse. As I previously stated, there’s no way I’m ever going to spend the money to customize my license plate. No chance. I do, however, have a minuscule amount of respect for this person since we share the same name. But I’m way cooler.

Driving any model of a Subaru is an instant red flag for me. It’s almost as bad as driving a Jeep Gladiator, the worst vehicle on the road today. At first, I thought that maybe this person was some sort of brewmaster but then I remembered they drive a Subaru and knew this license plate was referring to their love of bunnies. It makes too much sense.

What the fuck could “MAGIC63” possibly mean? Have you been practicing magic since 1963? Is it some sort of exclusive magician’s club? Could it be your nickname? I need to know why you would ever go with this. I need an explanation.

WOW. What do we have here? I’m going to state the obvious, “GODGIVN” is waaaay too much license plate for a Toyota Camry. This plate belongs on a vehicle that doesn’t start rattling at 83 MPH. Something built for speed like a Corvette or Maserati. This is like putting on a Magnum for your 3-inch cock.

This was definitely one of the best Minnesota license plates I saw this year. As soon as you see this you instantly go into your best Champ voice and yell “WHHHAMI” (extra emphasis of the H). They must be a die-hard Anchorman fan Do you think this person has had this license plate since the release of back in 2004 and just changed it with every new vehicle?

You’d never believe it but KELLEEE was one of those dangerously slow mergers who put everyone near them at risk. Now, I realize I’m not any better since I took most of these photos BUT I merge at the speed of traffic, like a grown-ass man. With a license plate like this, it’s a dead giveaway that you text and drive.

When I initially saw this plate my dyslexia kicked in big time because I thought it read “D BALLZ”. Not sure if you would be able to do that but that would be sick if you could. If they had whiskey plates, you would think that Blatz Beer would be their go-to but I don’t think that’s what they were going with. That’s just asking for a DWI.

This license plate seems like a warning to all surrounding drivers that they’ll draw a gun in a road rage incident. “MAD 01” has been dealing with major anger management issues and immediately overreacts to every minor confrontation.

There are a few ways you can ruin a nice vehicle. Like, having an awful paint job or an idiotic license plate. You know for a fact that they think they are so cool driving around with “SMURVET” on the back. Too bad you’re the only one that thinks so. 0 self-awareness.

This is easily the best Minnesota license plate I have seen this year. What’s not pictured is the ball sack he had on his trailer hitch. Not that you even needed to see it because he obviously has one with a license plate like “LAINPIP”. I still can’t make out what the decal says but I already know it’s super douchy.