Best Tweets: Vikings loss to Cowboys

Best Tweets from Week 11: Vikings Loss to the Cowboys

NFL Vikings

After seven glorious wins in a row, it finally happened. The Vikings got smacked, slapped, dragged, victimized, embarrassed, and murdered. This was the game everyone was waiting for so they could finally say that they’d been right the entire time and the Vikings are frauds.

I, for one, don’t believe that for one bit. They lost, it sucked, move on. But first, let’s recap how Vikings Twitter reacted to the week 11 loss to the Cowboys.

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We were happy early. Expected big things.

Kirk was ready to roll.

The fits were fire.

We expected a real nail-biter.

And nice things even happened before the game.

But there were reasons to be worried.

We had no clue to the most entertaining part of the game was going to happen before the game.

Because one the game start, it all went down hill.

Feeling okay at 10, maybe.

A great pull and a solid excuse.

But then it got worse.

And we started to realize maybe we should turn the game off.

Because it was ugly.

But then it got even worse.

We had to celebrate the little things.

And we tried to hold on to a little bit of hope.

But then it got worse again.

It was SO bad.

We couldn’t stop Pollard, at all.

Maher could make 60-yard kicks, on demand.

We were all humbled.

It got so bad he wasn’t even painting the game.

RIP, Kirko Chainz.

Please remove any hope ASAP.

Somehow people wanted to blame Kirk.

And plenty of people seemed to act like this is the first time something like this has happened.

But we know the real reason it happened.

CBS wouldn’t even air the game after a certain point. They were done.

Usually when you mock the Skol chant, it doesn’t work. It did this time.

It’s no victory shots this week. It’s pure depression drinking.

But c’mon, let’s be realistic.

Well, yes. There’s that.

And this is no fun but it is clever.

And this one hurts, but it’s also fair.

We have our best investigators on the case.

And the truth is, sometimes this happens.

The Vikings entered the week in the first place and tied for the best record in the league. One loss, they move to the second-best record in the league, and we’re MELTING.

Please make this happen.


Oh so you’re saying this didn’t change much?

There are ways to make yourself feel better.

And if that doesn’t help, donating to a great cause might help sooth the pain. Please consider attending this event and donating to The Best Christmas Ever! There’s gonna be free pizza!

Those are my favorite tweets from the Vikings’ win over the Football Team. If there are tweets you think should be added to my posts, tweet me @NickLewis37

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