Best Tweets from Week 14: Vikings Loss vs. Lions


Sunday sucked. First, the Vikings got beaten by the lowly Lions; then I watched Tom Brady get wrecked by Mr. Irrelvanant. Then Yellowstone was boring. I lost in fantasy football and had to wake up and go to work the next day. What a terrible day, really. But at least Twitter was fun. Let’s check out the best tweets from week 13: Vikings loss vs. Lions.

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Now to the Tweets.

Special guests were in the building.

Fans had interesting signs.

Like, really interesting signs.

Grandmas were doing the griddy.

I mean, even Gene Simmons was on notice.

But then the Vikings defense showed us how the day was going to go.

I’m still a sucker for nice moments, though.

You know what wasn’t a nice moment? Listening to Jonathan Vilma.

He was BRUTAL.

Agreed, Mac.

Give our man Ben Leber the job. Vilma is trash.


But then things got cool again for a moment.

Lemme just sneak right past ya.

Our fun, however, didn’t last long.

Our worst fears started to kick in.

Goff had ALL DAY.

Then the Vikings couldn’t even do simple things right.

I mean…

It was not ideal.

This was also not ideal.

This was also not ideal.

And this was ALSO not ideal.

Not everything sucked.

You know what did suck, though? When the refs completely screwed JJ out of a TD.

Yes, Jack. It was.


They have no idea, man.

Nope, he did not.

But then the defense was playing so badly that KOC decided he was going to do an onside kick with like 3 minutes left. Oof.

You got that right, chip.

As a matter of fact, it was so frustrating that I’m giving you all a break from it. Watch this happy moment.

Now back to reality.

plz send help.

This is fantastic but I’m still not donating to Wikipedia.

The bright side!

There was blame to go around.

Why would you ever do that to yourself?

It’s just not that simple.


Very little Kirk Cousins chaos.

But let’s keep things in perspective.

Kirk and JJ were UNREAL.

This is crazy.


Poor Kirko.

So the Vikings fall to 10-3 and lose to the Lions. You know what? We’ll let them have their moment I guess.

And it got some people PAID on BettorEdge!

And there’s a whiteout game coming up soon. So things can really only go up from here.

Those are my favorite tweets from the Vikings’ win over the Jets. Team. If there are tweets you think should be added to my posts, tweet me @NickLewis37

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