Best Tweets from Week 3: Vikings win vs. the Lions

Football Vikings

The Vikings did everything they could to give the game to the Detroit Lions in week 3 of the 2022 NFL season but Kirktober came early! I still maintain Twitter is more fun after a Vikings win but I’ll take a boring day on Twitter with a Vikings win every time! Here are my favorite tweets from the Minnesota Vikings win over the Detroit Lions.

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Nobody comes back like KC8.

Kickliy Sports is a solid twitter follow. Fun to see what he paints during the games.

Rinse, recycle, repeat.

What a freaking view!

Come on, man.

Alright yeah he’s in Eagles gear and we don’t like that, but the bit is funny and we do like that.

Move over, Mark Sanchez!

What?!?! Prove it.

Life is pain.

Ask Madden is undefeated.

We got the W but it wasn’t pretty at times.

Probably the best Tweet of the day.

Paging Freezing Cold Takes.



Damn right!

“I’m something of a winner myself”

After that we could all use a nap.

Fake Kirk Cousins F***KING LIKES THAT.


Well, there’s that.

We love big KOC.

Those are my favorite tweets from the Vikings win over the Lions. If there are tweets you think should be added to my posts, tweet me @NickLewis37

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