Best Tweets from Week 8: Vikings win vs. Cardinals

NFL Vikings

What is happening here? The Vikings keep winning, the Packers keep losing, and the Bears and the Lions are just the Bears and the Lions. I keep doing these blogs expecting it to be a collection of Minnesota meltdown tweets but that just isn’t happening. Five in a row for Mike Yeo, a big lead in the division, and one of the NFL’s best records. The Minnesota Vikings are ROLLING. And much like the Vikings keep winning on the field, the reactions keep winning on Twitter.

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Let Kirk Speak.

It’s SpookySZN.

10/10 Halloween Costume

This is how I feel every week.

Elite shirt game.

Kirk Cousins had a PERFECT record in Kirktober.




QB1, RB1.

Oh, we knew.

Lamar who?

No tricks.

“wait what happened there?”

This is how it works.

More carats than bugs.


Best ever.


Wait, were people actually mad about this?

Jared Allen is THAT DUDE.

As always, love to see what KickliySPORTS is painting.


Top 10 picture in the history of history.

To the FACE!

The defensive celebrations keep getting better and better.


OH, he knew.

This is accurate.

But did it work?!

I love a good 37.

This is all of us RN.

Hell of a day.

Can you yell it though?

This is just great.



You love to see it.

Victory Tweets

Kirktober was perfect… and here comes Kirkvember.

Those are my favorite tweets from the Vikings’ win over the Cardinals. If there are tweets you think should be added to my posts, tweet me @NickLewis37

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