Best Tweets: Vikings Loss to the Eagles

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Week 2 for the Minnesota Vikings was not as fun as week 1, but Twitter is always more entertaining when the Vikings blow it. The insecure nature of the fanbase comes out as well as the jokes. Sports are supposed to be entertaining and when what’s happening on the TV is miserable, Twitter is always a goldmine. Here are the best tweets from the Vikings loss to the Eagles.

The Minnesota Vikings got blown out by the Eagles in Philly. I feel like we’ve seen this before…

It’s just brilliant marketing by Kohl’s.

This might be ALL Vikings fans.

This didn’t take long.

Prime time Kirk just ain’t it.


IDK about this one. At least he hit the correct target here.

Maybe we’re being a little too hard on Kirk.

But maybe not.

However, Kirk was far from the only problem vs. the Eagles. And that’s been true throughout Kirk’s entire career.

All-access pass.


They’re just really good friends.

Oh boy.

Irv Smith Jr. is no longer allowed to wear #84

Oh well, there’s always next week.

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