Best Tweets: Week 4 – Vikings Win vs. Panthers

NFL Vikings

Best Tweets: Week 4 – Vikings’ Win vs. Panthers

THEY FINALLY DID IT! WE DON’T SUCK ANYMORE! I’m now 100% convinced that the Minnesota Vikings are going to the Super Bowl. Taylor Swift won’t come here because she doesn’t want to see her boyfriend lose, which is too bad. Could you imagine how fun this list would be with Taylor Swift in the building? But oh well. Here are the best tweets from the Minnesota Vikings victory vs. the Carolina Panthers

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Our Kirko was ready!

The fans were ready.

Kirktober graphics were ready.

Even fans in London watching Toy Story were ready!

Reasons we love Kirk Cousins #337

Even at 0-3, Vikings fans travel well.

There was more blue at the Packers’ game.

We’re all for a touching moment.

But then the game started, and 0-4 felt very possible.

Oh no.

The season was crumbling faster than things that crumble.

Even AB had jokes.

Would be enchanted.

It was very doom, very gloom.

Not strong enough.

But then something amazing happened. The Kirk Cousins candle was lit!

And it was JJ time!

And our defense also did cool things!


And the Minnesota Vikings WON A FREAKING FOOTBALL GAME.




I’m told Adam was upset they didn’t bring up his college during the broadcast.

Kirktober is elite.

Oh yeah, there’s that.

What a moment.


I’m told by someone on my Twittersphere that Harrison Smith isn’t worthy, though.

Hugs and Gray Duck all around.

You love to see it.

This wasn’t actually during the game but it was still funny.

And sure, you missed the 25% off sale, but Cultivated is still the perfect Vikings victory celebration drink!

Check it out at!

Gear up for next week here!

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