Best Tweets Week 5 – Vikings’ Loss to Refs

NFL Vikings

The role of the referees is meant to be one of impartiality and fairness, ensuring that the game is played within the boundaries of its rules. However, in recent years (or, in this case, weeks for the Chiefs), a growing chorus of fans, players, and pundits has raised their voices in collective frustration, decrying what they perceive as a growing problem: NFL referees seemingly spoiling the sport they love. With controversial calls, inconsistent interpretations, and game-altering decisions coming under scrutiny, there’s a rising concern that the very individuals tasked with preserving the integrity of the game may, at times, be inadvertently diminishing it.

The Minnesota Vikings are a team riddled with their own problems. It’s a team that needs no help losing. Just give them the football, and I promise they’ll give it right back. But watching a team lose because of an inability is something a fan base can live with. Watching a team not get a fair chance, no matter the ability? Well, what’s the point then?

So sure, I’ll come across as salty in this week’s version of the best tweet–but I am.


Things before the game were awesome.

But we didn’t even get Taylor Swift.

Although I don’t blame her.

Vikings fumbling right away was a nice way to start the game.

They’re not gonna do it.

See, the Vikings are plenty capable of sucking on their own. They don’t need help.

Hello, darkness, my old friend.

I wasn’t going to include this one, but it made the Swifties mad, so YOLO.

There might be more to the fumbles than we know.

Our very good TE is maybe not very good.

At least not in big moments.

I mean…

Sensational stuff here.

But enough of blaming ourselves for the loss. That’s not fun… LET’S FOCUS ON THE REFS!

The NFL changes what a catch is on a weekly basis.

Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day.

Don’t tell facts like this.

You don’t have to be a Vikings fan to see how bad it was.

Just give the Chiefs the Super Bowl trophy now. Why are we wasting out time?


This was some of the craziest stuff I’ve seen. Absolute madness.

0% surprised.


Noooooo, no big deal. Look the other way.

Nope, nothing to see here.

They don’t care.

Baby just say refs.

Say WHAT?!!


Me either, man.


I suspect the NFL is trying to figure out how to fine Ben for this.

So now we’re 1-4…

The wheels are falling off.


So move on from this nightmare. The Twins are in the playoffs, and they’re actually winning games. Grab yourself a few Cultivated CBD lemonades and enjoy yourself.

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