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Best Wings in Minnesota, A Debate

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There is a fierce debate going on in Minnesota (or at least with my friends). So fierce, that it’s essentially the East Side versus West Side rap battle of the mid-1990s. Wings (we aren’t talking about boneless wings, if you want those, I’ll order you a Kid’s Meal from McDicks), a favorite of mine is up for debate. I wanna know what the best spot in Minnesota is for wings. Let’s see who is up for the top spot!

Before you do, check out the boys trying some of crazy flavors at the Wild game. Another plug, check out the best fast food chicken sandwich.

#1 D-Spot v. #8 Applebee’s

Our first matchup for the best wings in Minnesota pits D-Spot located in Oakdale against the only chain (gang, gang, gang) Applebee’s. D-Spot offers six categories of wings, ranging from “Safety First” to “Hot”. Their online menu features just over 90 flavors of wings, in turn allowing any wing lover to find their preferred taste or tastes. With over 90 flavors, you can customize your order in groups of 6 or 12, allowing you to make multiple trips before you get to taste ’em all. D-Spot also boasts some more exotic flavors.

Applebee’s has 5 wing flavors, but hey you can get dollar margaritas! Occasionally, Applebee’s will have a decent special on their wings. Also, this is not a knock on Applebee’s…

#3 Bunny’s v. #6 Ray J’s

Bunny’s, a staple of St. Louis Park is up against Ray J’s (shoutout Kim Kardashian) in our next matchup. Bunny’s features dry rubs in addition to six sauces, plus a flavor of the month typically. You have to appreciate a flavor of the month, it’s like custard from Culver’s (keeps you coming back, well every day).

Ray J’s wings got me saying, “Sexy can I have some more wings please?”. Okay, I may not be a lyricist, but you can appreciate the attempt. Damn does that song bang (blogger question: is Ray J a one-hit wonder?). Ray J’s wings certainly have some sex appeal (but no video leaks as far as my research found) as they feature a full wing. Some would say that it could be too much wing to handle, but I’ll leave that to the fine voters to decide.

#2 Blue Door Pub v. #7 Red Rabbit

On to the next matchup, we got Blue Door Pub up against Red Rabbit (what’s up with all these furry names). Blue Door offers 10 wing varieties with sauce and dry rub options. Red Rabbit features their wood-grilled wings. This matchup might seem straightforward, with Red Rabbit being the underdog, but they still have fantastic wings. As far as I can tell, this might be the most lopsided round-one matchup, but let’s see how the voters feel.

Strawbanero wings at Blue Door Pub.
Wood-grilled wings at Red Rabbit.

#4 Serum’s v. #5 Runyon’s

The next matchup we have for best wings in Minnesota is good ole, Serum’s Good Time Emporium located in downtown Anoka (aka the Halloween capital of the world) up against Runyon’s. Serum’s boasts 22 flavors of wings. You can order your wings in 12, 16, 24, 25, or even 50 pieces. The wings at Serum’s are claimed “The Best Wings west of Buffalo” as well.

Wing sampler at Serum’s.

Runyon’s features wings that are award “winging” (see what I did there). Runyon’s could go up against another neighborhood restaurant in the next round, Red Rabbit, but their hands will be full (of sauce) dealing with Serum’s. The recipe for their wings is about 40 years old, kind’ve cool and they must be doing something right if they’ve used the recipe for longer than I’ve been alive.

Wings from Runyon’s.

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