Big Ten Basketball – A Betting Shit Show

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Leave it up to Big Ten basketball to continue to screw me over when it comes to betting. Practically the entire league has been competitive this year. I don’t know why I even began to bother betting on the league in the first place.

Yet there has been one team that has been a near perfect lock as of late. No, not your beloved (debatable) Minnesota Golden Gophers. It’s that team you sometimes forget is in the Big Ten. Nebraska.

Now, the reason why I have gotten into sports betting is due to our partnership with Vig It. While there is no real money on the line, which I love as a broke college grad, it still gets competitive as hell. When there is an opportunity to show off against the rest of the rubes working here, you jump at the opportunity.

Never Guarantee a Lock

At 6-17 entering tonight’s game, Nebrasketball has been a tumultuous program this year. Head coach Fred Hoiberg is on the hot seat while their best player, Teddy Allen, just left the program earlier in the day. Throw in going 2-28 in their last 30 conference games and it isn’t looking great in Lincoln.

With Rutgers coming to town (27th in KenPom) it looked like an easy 500 coin pickup to start the month. Hell, this game looked to be a blowout for Rutgers. Ranking 59th for offensive and 14th for defensive efficiency. All while Nebraska was ranked 209th and 40th…respectively.

My fellow rubes here at 10K didn’t make my decision to send the house for Rutgers any harder.

Leave it to rubes to give good betting advice on Big Ten basketball.

God Damn Buttgers and Big Ten Basketball

I didn’t even think to pay attention to the scoreline throughout the night. Instead focusing on a competitive Syracuse not only going against the spread, but winning over UNC. However, the pure bliss of winning another bet I was riding came to a crashing halt.

Big Ten basketball continues to be puzzling.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. While it wasn’t a 1 in a million chance, the odds were so heavily against Nebraska it was comical. Especially with a spread that was only -8. Don’t go saying, “Well that’s why we love sports!” because that’s a bunch of bullshit. You’re not going to tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing. Unless you’re some savant, which if you’re reading this, you aren’t.

This is the type of shit I’ve come to expect from Rutgers. Too bad I was foolish not to look the Buttgers nickname right in the face and not touch this game. Fuck Big Ten basketball!

Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice… you can’t get fooled again strike three.