Justin Jefferson Vikings schedule

Big Takeaways From The Vikings Schedule Release!


If you didn’t already know, the NFL dominates the sports news cycle 365 days a year. So to have the NFL schedule release in the middle of May during NBA/NHL playoffs is nothing to Mr. Goodell and his operation. And they always get all the attention. Most social media teams have taken this opportunity to crank out bangers for the schedule release. Or they just don’t try.

The Vikings had a solid reveal of their schedule, bringing in their ace John Randle and more current stars for cameos. It was a neat video, nothing to win the hearts of Twitter but it got the job done for sure. The video goes drone style, showing different matchups and different areas within the TCO facility. A great way to reveal the dates and to show off the #1 facility in the NFL. Well done, Vikings.

So now that we’ve finally put opponents to dates, let’s go over the highlights and lowlights of this 2023 Minnesota Vikings schedule!

Back in Primetime

The highlights of this Vikings schedule are very bright. For starters, there will be no cold outdoor games. Yes, we go to Cincinnati a week and change before Christmas. But it’s fucking Ohio, it will be 30 degrees there at worst. The 13-4 record from 2022 earned the purple 5 primetime games, including 2 MNF games at home. Our last MNF game was BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, so it’s nice to know ESPN still cares about the primetime juice U.S. Bank Stadium brings to a matchup.

We get to see the defending champions Chiefs in a late window tilt at home in Week 5. That game itself will be juiced to the max. A trip to Denver for a Sunday Nighter will be fun too, if you like to partake in dope adult activities like yours truly. And I didn’t even mention the fact that the Vikings get a Vegas trip in the middle of December. 100% ideal for the snow-haters out there.


Every schedule has it’s downsides, and boy do we have them here. A week 2 trip to Philly on a Thursday Night sounds like hell. This setup seems just like that annual trip we had to make to Seattle a few years back. No escaping the primetime jail for these guys. Guess you’re just gonna have to get it out the mud fellas! Let’s fucking break this primetime narrative please, I am so tired of hearing about it.

Having a Bye Week after Thanksgiving is fucking lame. I still don’t understand why the NFL doesn’t take a midseason break like every other major sport. Other than that, nothing is really an L. Having to play the final 4 teams from last season’s playoffs will be super fun, but at least we get 2 of those games at home. Let’s hope the Vikings can actually be competitive against good teams in 2023.