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Bill Said the Quote and We Made a Shirt

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Remember when the Minnesota Wild content team captured the greatest string of words a General Manager has ever said to their Team? Especially a team that is labeled as the “State of Hockey that gets bounced in the first round every year”

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This isn’t news, but Billy Gambles is exactly what Minnesota needed. A guy who says “Fuck all of that passive aggressive Minnesota nice shit. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win a Cup”. Billy doesn’t care it hurts people’s feelings or costs us a good storyline about a player who was born and raised here… This isn’t a fairy tale, its real life.

Now that I’m ready to run through a brick wall without the influence of any drugs, lets get to the original point of this blog…

#GuysDoingBusiness is in full swing. The 10K team is more dedicated than ever to getting out of our quadruple figure credit card debt. On top of that, people always want us to turn our bits into merch. Thanks to Marlow, we can have the ability to do that now starting with the best line from a speech might be better than the Herb Brooks “Miracle” speech.

**These shirts will only be available until next Saturday, April 9th at noon** and then they will be shipped out two weeks after that.

These guy are pretty fucking cool, only because of the shirts.

And let me tell you something…We really want to keep our designs unique, so we can promise this is the only batch that will be made. Get one now or forever be a betacuck that doesn’t win, unlike Billy G.