Bill Gurin Put the Ducks GM in a Mental Pretzel

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It’s been five days since Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin sent shock waves throughout Minnesota with his trade deadline moves. Moves that sent Jordan Greenway packing to Buffalo and saw Oskar Sundqvist and John Klingberg coming to the State of Hockey. I don’t know about you but I am A-OK with this. 

Now, you may be thinking, “we already knew Billy was the GOAT.” But do you actually know how bad ass he is? Well buckle up for a tale as old as time that centers around him making Anaheim bow down to his demands.

Friday, March 3rd… Trade Deadline

It was a beautiful, sunny morning in Calgary when Bill gave his wife a call. And as 10k Takes is the premier resource for all things Minnesota Wild, we were able to get the call transcript from the man himself. Here, take a look.

GM Billy G: “Hey honey, I’ve been thinking, I think we’re done making moves.” 

GMBG’s wife: “You’re a lying POS.”

Billy G: “You’re right, time to spank the haters…”

End call

It was that moment and that moment alone that he knew what was needed to be done. Make some moves that will send the Minnesota Wild to the Stanley Cup. 

The sendoff of Greenway came to no surprise as he would flip around the return for a gigantic Sundqvist. A player that already has triple the amount of points that Jordan had as a member of the team this season. A player who’s smile lights up the room.

Was that the move that would send the wild GM to his presidential suite? No.

Looking at his staff in the Calgary hotel conference room, Billy took a sip of his whiskey 7 while puffing on his cigarette and said, “Time to make the Ducks quack.” Friends, not only did they quack, they shit themselves too. What happened next literally sent Anaheim GM Pat Verbeek into the fetal position. Don’t believe me? See below.

Guerin knew that there’d be some mixed reaction to the trade but deep down he knew Klingsberg would understand the assignment. Klinger knew he could become great again. And great he will be.

In just two games with the Wild, John has shown he means business by showcasing a +3 rating on the ice while averaging just under 21:50 TOI.

As Billy told us folks at 10k, “It’s about @#%$#@^ winning.”