Bonino Welcomes First Son in Middle of Playoffs

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Words that have become synonymous with the crew here at 10K Takes and Wild fans this season. All thanks to the man himself, Nick Bonino.

Although he has solidified himself as one of this year’s Wild favorites, his wild year has just begun. Outside of helping the Wild to Game 7 of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, he and his wife, Lauren, welcomed a baby boy to the hockey world!

Any time an athlete is able to juggle some of the most intense games of their careers with one of the most intense moments in their life always amazes me. So while us Wild fans are cheering on the team Friday night in Game 7, Bonino has someone extra special to be playing for tonight and, hopefully, into the next round.

Maybe even go as far as winning the whole damn thing for Minnesota and his kid. How cute would it be to see Baby Bowie Bones sitting in the Stanley Cup?! Beyond adorable! My ovaries are bursting thinking about the cuteness right now.

Congratulations to the Boninos! Everyone here at 10K Takes hope you are all happy and healthy! Now we hope we get to yell Bonino not only tonight, but all the way to the Cup!