Booze To Buy For New Years Eve


It happens once a year, every year. It’s time to feel bad about how little you’ve accomplished and how much weight you’ve gained in the past 12 months. It’s not all bad though. Chances are your friends are in the same boat, so why not brush this bitch of a year to the past and get hammered while doing it! First step is deciding which booze to buy for new years eve.

But before I get to the good stuff…PLEASE everyone remember to drink responsibly and DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK! I’m sure the Lyfts and Ubers are gonna be expensive as shit on New Years, but just pay it. It’s not worth getting a DUI or even worse hurting yourself or someone else.

With all that being said, let’s party.

The Younger Crowd Party

These will be choices people in their 20’s and beyond that just can’t quite give it up and refuse to remember ringing in the new year.

BEER: Bud Light Platinum

Bud Light Platinum Lager Beer, 12 bottles / 12 fl oz - Fred Meyer

Here’s a light beer that literally exists because it has a higher alcohol content then most other light beers. When the normal 4.2 abv wont due, reach for these bad boys and get the night going.

WINE: Franzia Chillable Red (5L)

Chillable Red - Franzia Wines

There’s a pretty good chance your Grandma or Aunt has one of these bitches in their fridge as we speak, but now it’s your turn to get turnt up on this shit. If you’re going to go this route, please take it out of the box and walk around with a 5 liter bag of wine that you can slap the ever living piss out of and will never break.

LIQUOR: Fireball (of course)

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky - Buy Online | Drizly

Might catch show shit for this one, but let’s be honest with ourselves. No one drinks fireball to enjoy the taste and relax and unwind after a long day. You get into the fireball when you’re looking to get a little rowdy with your friends. By far the best choice to do shots or just pass around until it’s gone.

CHAMPAGNE: Korbel Sweet Rose

Korbel - Brut Rose California Champagne NV - Shoppers Vineyard

You can’t ring in the New Year without some bubbly! Doesn’t really matter if you get nice champagne because chances are you’re gonna shake the ever living piss out of that bottle and spill it all over the god damn place.

Champagne Shower - The Office GIF - The Office Comedy Champagne - Discover  & Share GIFs

The Older Crowd / Can’t Hang Anymore

This is where I know unfortunately reside. I used to love ripping it up on New Years, but now it’s a struggle just to stay up until midnight.

BEER: Summit EPA

Summit Brewing Co. Releases Throwback Extra Pale Ale Packaging

Before the craft beer nerds freak out just calm the fuck down. There’s a billion different craft beers that you could bring to a new years party but the Summit EPA is about as classic as it gets. Not to heavy, not to light. The ABV isn’t too high to get you loaded but not too low so you don’t get a little buzz going.

WINE: I have no fucking clue

Generic Red Wine Label |

Everyone who drinks wine always seems to know everything about it until they don’t. I don’t know shit about wine and don’t drink a whole lot of it. When I do, I drink it out of 5 liter plastic bags while slapping it.

LIQUOR: Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel's Envy 🥃 Kentucky Straight Bourbon » Buy Online | Caskers

Not everyone’s a bourbon drinker but I am so…

You Will Listen To Every Damn Word I Have To Day GIFs - Get the best GIF on  GIPHY

And before all the crazy bourbon people freak out calm the fuck down. There’s a billion delicious bourbon’s out there but this one really is the shit. Decent price about everywhere you go and and very smooth. I’m not a tasting snob, but some people are and know what they’re talking about. Great gift and something to sip on while ringing in the New Year.

CHAMPAGNE: Veuve Clicquot Brut

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne - 750ml - Bridge Liquors - Newport, RI

The Veuve yellow label is a classic. You show up to a New Year party with one of these and you’re one classy mother fucker. It is a little pricey, so save the Korbel for the champagne showers. This bad boy is delicious and definitely worth splurging on once a year.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve! Hopefully I’ve given you some great options to bring and celebrate with. If you don’t like any these options than go to hell. Just kidding (kinda). Everyone likes what they like.

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