BRACKET TIME: The Best Minnesota Jersey of All-Time

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It’s bracket time baby!! The NBA and NHL are wrapping up their finals, the MLB is getting into the dog days of summer, and every Minnesota team has been eliminated from contention for months now. Time for a good ol’ fashioned jersey debate if you ask me. Which is the best Minnesota jersey of all time? I have been narrowed down to the top-16. Let’s see who comes out on top.

#1 North Stars Green v. #16 Gophers Double ‘M’

The North Stars greens were the obvious #1 seed here. Timeless, clean, iconic. So good the Wild had to bring them back this year. Not sure how these don’t win the whole damn thing, to be honest.

The Gophers’ Double ‘M’ jerseys on the other hand may be the worst Minnesota jersey of all time. They’re so bad, they’re good, and I absolutely love them. The Gophs need to bring these bad boys back. Somebody get on the horn with P.J. ASAP.

#8 Vikings 1960s Throwbacks v. #9 Timberwolves Prince White

Always loved these Vikings throwbacks they brought back in ’09 &’10. Hell of a an era too with Favre and AP. Looking back on it, both of those guys are now canceled, so the throwbacks may have been the high point of the season.

These Wolves jerseys are CLEAN. For a poverty franchise, the T-Wolves may have the best set of jerseys in Minnesota. These might be hard to beat. I have the Wolves taking this one in the slight upset.

#4 Wolves ’95 Blue v. #13 Wild Winter Classic

This may be the best Wolves jersey of all time. Classic look, great colors, KG’s rookie year. Need the Wolves to bring these babies back next year as their alternates instead of those trash City unis they wore this year.

This is a super sneaky #13 seed in my opinion. Great old-timey look, love the MPLS-St. Paul on the front instead of the logo, and the combo with the gloves & breezers ties it all together. It’s a shame we only got to see them on the ice once.

#5 Vikings 90’s White v. #12 Twins ‘Twin Cities’

These have to be the best Vikings jerseys of all time, right? Culpepper, Moss, Carter. The simple fact that these were the jerseys during Moss’ moon at Lambeau has to give these the juice for at least a Final Four run.

Tough matchup here for the Twin Cities jerseys. I do love these new alternates, but having to face the Moss-era whites in the first round is just not fair. They do have a classic look and I hope they stay around for a while, but they have to be the heavy dogs heading into Round 1 here.

#2 Wolves 00’s Black v. #15 Twins 2010 Whites

Another banger of a Wolves jersey. How has this team not been better in the last 30 years? Their lineup of jerseys is top-tier, but they’ve been an absolute trash can of an organization almost every single year. It makes sense these were the jerseys in the rotation when they went all the way to the Conference Finals. These are going to be hard to beat.

Why even pretend these Twins jerseys have a chance against the Wolves? They do bring back flashbacks of Jim Thome mashing the ball to the parking lot however which I appreciate.

#7 Wild ’01 Home v. #10 Twins 90’s White

These are by far the best Wild jerseys ever. The crisp white, the font on the numbers & nameplate, the shoulder patch. It has everything. It also helps these were riding with us on the trip to the Western Conference Finals in ’03. If there’s another reverse retro jersey in store next season, my vote would be to bring back these fellas.

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This might be the most even matchup of the bracket. Pinstripes always play, the classic ‘M’ logo on the hat never fails, and they’re responsible for the only two championships in Minnesota in the last 35+ years. I have this one listed as a pick ’em.

#3 Twins Baby Blue v. Vikings ’09 Home

Kirby Puckett looks like a GD Greek god in these bad boys. It’s hard to beat baby blue in any jersey, and it’s really hard to beat baby blues when this guy is the one wearing them. Absolute cheat code of a color scheme. I don’t see how these lose in the early rounds.

Fuck the New Orleans Saints. Without Bountygate, these are HOF Vikings jerseys and an easy top 3 seed. Some of these Vikings teams were so fun to watch too, and these were during peak AP years, but I’d be lying if I said these didn’t give me a tiny bit of PTSD from that NFC Championship Game. Baby blues in a rout.

#6 Twins 00’s Grey v. #11 Vikings Color Rush

Gotta be honest, it moved a little bit when I saw Torii Hunter in these grey puppies. I’m a sucker for a good set of pinstripes, and you can’t go wrong with the plain “Minnesota” across the chest. This is Torii’s jersey and no one else’s.

As much as pinstripes hit, color rush hits even harder. They may not be the best color rush unis in the league, but these had to make the list on the sheer amount of purple alone. I mean, just look at how much purple that is. It’s so much. Just an obscene amount of purple. With this amount of purple, we might be in store for a classic 6-11 upset here.

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The round of 16 voting is open NOW. Who’s making it to the Elite 8?