Bring Back Fantasy Football Commercials

Bring Back Fantasy Football Commercials

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Fantasy Draft Season

There’s nothing better than fantasy football season. From mock drafts and getting your draft order to finally getting to draft day. Every league has someone who does weeks of research. Then they will tell you all about how they won the draft right after they select their final pick. All in all fantasy football makes sitting down and being a lazy pile on Sundays that much better until you catch yourself screaming at the TV on Sunday while watching a Jacksonville Jaguars game that should mean nothing. As good as fantasy football coverage and the ESPN app has progressed through the part has taken a step back.

Fantasy Old but Gold

The over-the-top unbelievable commercials were amazing. It had Middle School me blowing up my Myspace wall with youtube links of NFL players jumping through cars and catching footballs as they punch through walls. The only commercials we see now are of Matthew Berry sitting at a desk telling you who is going to be a sleeper this year. They honestly couldn’t be more boring. Just look at these.

“Pick Me”

Companies like ESPN or NBC overthink these little things. If they wanted to go viral it would be as simple as putting Justin Jefferson in US Bank stadium. Set up a jugs machine and have him sitting on the Gallahorn, Scoreboard, and walking along the glass ceiling while catching everything with one hand. With a close-up shot saying at the end saying this is why you should pick me. I could almost guarantee it would go viral. Hell put Dalvin Cook in a Chef Hat and you are on your own from there. The recipe is simple and it’s been too long.

Enjoy this Two-minute video and let’s all hope we see more of these in the future.