Minnesota Wild need to Bring this Legend Home NOW!

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With the Minnesota Wild having been a team now for two decades, you would think all original members exited the league by now.

Well, think again! There is one still playing (sort of)!

I’ll give you a hint: He’s a “Czechoslovakian” stud whose nickname sounds like that one hot girl you meet at the bar, spend three hours buying drinks for to only find out she has a boyfriend when you ask for her number.

That’s right! I am talking about Marian “Gabby” Gaborik!


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Look at this guy! He’s 38 now, but he hasn’t aged since 2000, the year Minnesota selected him as the franchises’ first ever draft pick!

Ok, he hasn’t played since 2018 due to a herniated disk surgery, and to be honest, I thought he actually retired. But it turns out, after some non-erotic reminiscing, curiosity and little research, Gabby is not even 40 yet. Hell, he’s still technically rostered on a team: the VERY GOOD Ottawa Senators.

I think he wants out! Looks at the guy’s Twitter bio:

Ottawa Senators DOT, DOT, DOT??? Whenever someone uses ‘…’, it usually translates to frustration or uncertainty. Like, “sure I’ll take you to the airport…

Pick him up RIGHT now Billy G!!! Bring this Stanley Cup Champion (obviously, not with Minnesota) and Wild legend home for a 2-year contract. Allow us to see the leading goal scorer in Minnesota Wild franchise history return to the state of hockey and don a Wild sweater once more!

While I am on the nostalgic bit, where Filip Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuba be at?