Bring on the Robot Umps

Baseball Twins

It’s time to make the game electronic. Human umps do make baseball, baseball, however, they’re ruining the game. So, I think it’s time for a change… BRING ON THE ROBOTS!

I don’t watch every game but when I tune in the umps always seem to be making mistakes. As much as people say it takes away from what makes baseball special, it’s simply ruining and making differences when that shouldn’t happen. It’s getting annoying to see outcomes and huge swings in the game decided by a factual, incorrect call. Umps need to be held accountable and sadly they really aren’t and that needs to change.


Now it’s hard to say changing every call to an electronic version is the answer. What needs to change is that the balls and strikes absolutely needs to be decided by a robot. Who gives a rats ass if it takes away from the history of the game and the classic essence. Any sane individual would agree what should matter is the right call being made for every single pitch. If you are a younger person and you don’t agree you are dumb. If you are older and don’t agree I get it because you don’t want the game changed when this is all you’ve known. I’ve been watching since I was a kid and it needs to be changed. What matters is the right calls being made consistently.

This rant is more anger filled because of the Twins game the other night and the ump consistently calling low pitches that were balls, strikes. It’s just so fricken annoying to watch simple things like that dictate the game. In no way am I making excuses for the Twins being mediocre but it’s painful to watch consistent mistakes.

Just look at this shit!!! This is happening EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It’s ruining the game. Umpire versus player arguments would definitely be missed but there would still be umps in the field. They just wouldn’t be calling balls and strikes. It’s a tough call but when this stuff is happening nightly it’s hard to want to continue the game this way. We should want the best most consistent game and this my friends is the way.

Sorry to the baseball truthers who want the game kept the classic way but we need to do what’s best for the game going forward and this is the solution.