Bring Tyus Home


The Wolves have had the best start in franchise history, so there isn’t much to complain about. Suppose they do want to compete for a ring though there are improvements that need to happen. One thing that could help is bringing Tyus home.

There are a few things this team could do to improve. One would be getting a good backup point guard, hence Tyus. The other would be to add an elite bench shooter. This offense needs to be better and these are a few things that can help do this. Realistically they need to solve the issues with the current offense and not by adding pieces, but this still could help in a big way.

Tyus has been pretty damn good this year. He has been scoring better too recently. They really need a guy like him off the bench considering Shake has been awful. When Mike goes out things tend to go bad quickly. Playing him a ton of minutes a night too is scary because how fresh will he be come playoffs? They need him in great shape come that time if they want to make a legit push. So the easiest and most fun answer is Tyus. They could offer something like SlowMo, and Jmac or Shake and a 2nd. If the Wizards are open to that you have to pull the trigger.

Now I don’t want to lose SlowMo but he has been a liability at times this year. He is still that stable force but he is a free agent after the year so I don’t think it hurts us that bad. We can’t have a guy out there like that as a wing that is not a threat at all to shoot. It has really destroyed the offense at times when he is out there. So to me, if we can get Tyus and we have to give up SlowMo, you do it. This team needs a backup PG BADDDD. If this is a move that you think can improve the lackluster, you do it immediately.

Tyus is also a fan favorite, so everyone would love to have him back. Should this matter? No, it should not but still, it would be pretty cool to have him back when we are legit contenders.

This doesn’t need to be a long topic, I just thought it would be fun to talk about a bit. It would be pretty cool and beneficial to bring Tyus back. I think most of us would be very happy if it happened. Bring Tyus home.