Brock Purdy Will Clinch The NFC West

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Brock Purdy Vs Geno Smith with the NFC West up for grabs. In what world do we live in?

Before we dive into this important week 15 matchup, lets look back at how my three bets did last week. The Train is not back on the tracks people.

1. Raiders -3.5 1H, -110 (2U)

Nothing better then a bet that is never losing. Josh Jacobs capped off a twelve play drive with a short TD to get this bet off to the races. The opening drive TD was all we needed as at half the score was 13-3. Unfortunately for us, the rest of the night wouldn’t go as planned.

2. Josh Jacobs U88.5 Rushing Yards, -110 (2U)

I love when I try to get cute with my bets. Why take a under on a guy who has rushed for 482 yards the past three games? Jacobs didn’t do anything great, just got lots of carries and used them to rush for a total of 99 yards. Jacobs not reaching 100 keeps the Rams streak alive, but all he needed was 89 yards which he was able to achieve.

3. Raiders -6 -110 (1U)

I would say gross but my title was “Baker To The Rescue?”, which is exactly what happened. After a scoreless third we went into the 4th quarter with the score still 13-3. The Raiders would add on a early FG to go up 13, putting our bet in a way safer spot. The Rams then went on a NINE Minute, SEVENTEEN Play Drive to make it a 6 point game putting our bet in danger of pushing.

Baker had other plans though.

The Rams defense would force a three-and-out, but the Raiders special teams stole the show with the punt that would “seal” the deal.

48 hours before this he didn’t even know where he would be playing and he’s going to lead the Rams on a 98 yard, game winning drive? In what world. I’ll let the video show you how it happened because it was rather impressive to watch, even with our bet losing.

Raiders Nation, keep your head up. The Vikings were exactly like you last year, losing every game by one possession. Things will turn around next year, it just sucks knowing you were fully capable this year.

Season Results

Another losing week, shocker! Minimizing Damage is important and only losing one unit last week doesn’t dig us to deep. Season Results = -7 Units

Betting Preview

The NFC West title is ready to be claimed this week and the team may not shock you but the QB will. Brock Purdy. The last pick in the 2022 NFL draft has took his role into full stride after injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy G. Last week the 49er’s throttled Tom Brady and the Bucs, and will look to do the same against the Seahawks this week.

The Seahawks find themselves as the first team out, after a crushing loss last week against the Panthers. The loss moved them outta the wild card spot, also sending them 2 losses behind the 49ers with 4 to play. A loss would give the 49ers the tiebreaker, therefore clinching the NFC West. If the Seahawks can pull off the win, it would send them right back into the thick of the wild card race, while also putting them only one game back with the tiebreaker TBD. Get your popcorn ready!

1. 49er’s O1.5 FG -120 (2U)

Whenever you see a FG prop bet you know it’s going to be a good week. I’ve took a little break and well no promises I’ve made are safe and we have a clean slate. Something about this game is just screaming FG’s and lots of them. Last week Robbie Gould went 5/5 on his XP’s but never had an opportunity for a FGA. How often does an offense as strong as the 49ers go multiple weeks without attempting a FG? The answer is never because it hasn’t happened once this year. With the NFC West title up for grabs, I expect the 49ers to take the points when they have the chance to. Trust Robbie, he won’t let you down.

NFC West Kicker Robbie Gould

2. First Score FG +130 (1.5U) + First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)

Yes, I know I said these bets were suspended the rest of the year but they were just too tempting. The FG prop hasn’t been our problem this year its only been the fumble prop. Both of these teams love quick passes and running the ball? Does that not scream “First turnover fumble” to you? Maybe it comes in the form of a strip sack, or maybe DK drops the ball while running in the open field. They all count the same and it’s finally the week we double dip and start this dig out!

3. Christian McCaffrey U39.5 Receiving Yards +105 (1U)

Confidence level = 0%, but I’m facing him in my fantasy playoffs this week so I might as well make it really hurt if I’m going to get hurt. No stats to back up this pick, no real confidence boosters. Just me being stubborn and not wanting to lose in fantasy based off Cmac receiving for a million yards. Everyone loves betting this prop so odds are it will go up but take the under based on one thing, my fantasy career. Never wish an injury on anyone, but if there was ever a week for a typical McCaffrey injury this is the week.