Bubba has a Hernia (Video)

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Everyone’s favorite 10k personality, Bubba, has a big ol’ hernia:

According to hopkinsmedicine.org, a hernia is, “a gap in the muscular wall that allows the contents inside the abdomen to protrude outward”. Men and women who have a hernia experience different symptoms, but the main symptoms men experience are:

  • Aching pain in the area
  • A feeling of pressure
  • A tugging sensation of the scrotum around the testicles
  • Pain that worsens with activities that add pressure to the area, such as heavy lifting, pushing, and straining

Bubba has been experiencing almost all of these symptoms (although I haven’t asked him how his scrotum and testicles are doing yet) and his hernia is an absolute UNIT.

 As you can clearly see we are dealing with a very sexy guy, but if you look above the right side of his belly button, he has a protruding hernia the size of my fist. Bossman touched it and said it felt like a fucking rock (don’t ask me why he was feeling Bubba’s hernia). It’s gotten so bad recently you can CLEARLY see it, even when he’s wearing a jersey! 

Bubba, I just want you to know that everyone at 10k is here for ya, and we’re wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming surgery.

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