Bubba’s Hot Takes: The Vikings Should’ve Kept Case


Quick Note: Bubba is too lazy to sign up for the new website so he has to write his blog on other people’s profiles… what a lazy bitch. Here is Bubba’s Hot Takes.

You stupid heads just had to get a new toy in 2018, even though the Vikings had a decent reliable quarterback they could have resigned. Yes, Kirk might be a better QB than Case (and I said MIGHT) but from what we have seen from Kirk so far, I believe Case could have done just as good if not BETTER! Not to mention if Case would have shit the bed it would have been a short-term investment. Now the Vikings are fucked. Now we’re stuck with this pizza ranch eating motherfucker.

I’ve had it with this good for nothing, cowardly, overpaid quarterback. He shits the bed every weekend. As a taxpayer who helped pay for this stadium, I call on the ownership of the Minnesota Vikings (The Wilfs) to get rid of the GM, Coach, and our piss poor quarterback Kirk “Dipshit” Cousins.

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