Bye Week is Over, Time to Chase History

Football Vikings

The worst week in sports in officially over. I hate BYE week more than anything. My week usually revolves around the Vikings and who they play that week. I love watching football but it hits different when your team plays. With that being said the Vikings went 1-0 on BYE week and can now get back to football. One storyline that I have on my mind is Justin Jefferson continuing to ball out and set receiving records.

Viking fans have been absolutely spoiled when it comes to the WR position. Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and now the best player at that position since Randy Moss. Whenever JJ touches the ball I believe he can score, the only other athlete that makes me feel that way is Kirill Kaprizov.

According to Stat Muse, our guy Justin Jefferson is quickly climbing the most receiving yards through the first 3 seasons of their career. He is only 493 yards away from Randy Moss and his 4,163 total. With 11 games to go this year its an almost certainty that he breaks the record. My prediction is as follows:

Arizona: 144 yards

Washington: 121 yards

Buffalo: 88 yards

Dallas: 107 yards

And to cap off breaking the record Justin Jefferson will do it in style on Thanksgiving vs the Patriots putting up Randy Moss like numbers and braking his career high for yards with 194 against Bill B.

Skol Vikes!