Byron Buxton takes it to fans on Twitter

Byron Buxton from the Top Rope!

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Byron Buxton has had himself quite the day on Twitter.

Byron Buxton takes it to fans on Twitter
From the top rope!!

Over the past week, the Minnesota Twins official Twitter account had been hyping up the teams rebranding that was released on Friday, November 18th. Naturally, being the fed up fan base (rightfully so) that we are, Twins fans aren’t happy. Instead of the team announcing these new changes, fans would rather see them announce signings, like Carlos Correa perhaps!

But tweeting at the team that they want to see signings is not exactly what fans have been doing.

Fans talking shit

Once the Twins tweeted a photo of Buxton to remind everyone not to miss the release, It didn’t take long for fans to start shit talking.

The Twins tweet that got everyones underwear in a bunch

Various tweets about Buxton’s health issues and inability to stay on the field began to swarm in.

Bitch Boy complaining
Jeff is a little mad
Another bitch boy

While I understand the frustration, there is a time and a place for it. Yes, Twitter IS the place for it, but maybe rethink what you’re going to say the next time you come at Buxton. He knows that he has had issues staying healthy and Buxton is likely more frustrated about it than anyone else.

That is why he decided to body a few of these angry “fans” in the most respectful way possible.

Byron Buxton from the top rope!

Buxton didn’t reply to every tweet, in fact he only replied to a couple, but the clap backs were perfect!

Buxton clapping back

It’s pretty rare to see a Twins player clap back at dip shit fans like this. Buxton responded with professionalism and class, which probably pissed these people off more than anything.

Let’s pray to the baseball gods that he gets to remain healthy in 203.