Cale Makar Thinks Colorado is The State of Hockey

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Ummm excuse me? Cale Makar did NOT just call Colorado the state of hockey. Am I hearing correctly? Seriously, smoke more weed dude. The only way you could make such an outlandish statement is if you were baked out of your MIND. I’m talkin’ eating a whole pound of starburst jellybeans in one sitting type of stoney boloney. Or eating too many homemade edibles on the drive to Panama City Beach from Duluth on your spring break and sleeping 20 straight hours type of stoned.

We all know there’s not even remotely an argument to be made for Colorado being the state of hockey. Here’s all you need to see.

The “State” of Hockey


Scoreboard reads: Minnesota 18, Colorado 4. Case and point. I can legitimately think of more reasons why Colorado isn’t the state of hockey than how Minnesota isn’t the state of hockey.

Come drink with us at the Wild game!!

Yes, yes I do want to me Bill Guerin

The Minnesota Wild play Cale Makar and the Colorado Avalanche next Monday, October 17th and you have an opportunity of a lifetime!

Now I mean this in all seriousness. If you’re claiming to be a Minnesota Wild fan and you don’t click the link above, pay $44.04 (price after tax) for a ticket, meet Bill Guerin AND get an autograph/picture with him, then you deserve to be punched straight in the nose. I seriously can’t believe this deal wasn’t available on Amazon Prime. I’m not even a Wild fan (GO HAWKS) and there’s no way in hell I’d miss this opportunity.

You should also listen to this awesome interview with Bill Guerin from “It’s a Bit” earlier this summer! My personal favorite episode from the pod other than the time they took edibles.

AUTHOR NOTE: This will be the first time I meet everyone and they probably think I’m so weird. Their right.