Cam Jordan Talks Shit About Kirk Cousins, Even Though He Owns Him


In the early days of summer, you take what you can get when it comes to NFL news. A slow news day in June is a nice treat when you’re obsessed with football. Although, it’s not great when your punchline of a quarterback makes headlines once again. Von Miller had his annual Pass Rush Summit this weekend and that big dummy Cam Jordan just had to open his mouth about our favorite QB.

Now, here’s the slippery slope. Cam Jordan always plays his best games when facing the Vikings. It might be the fact that his dad was a former Vikings great but not really too sure. However, he does remember 2019, right..?

The hate that Kirk Cousins continues to get is actually unreal. Kirk plays amazing when he plays against the Saints, too. Does Cam not remember London either? Naive as hell man. At the end of the day, it’s all bullshit. Weird that he specifically brought up Kirk Cousins in the middle of June.