The Saints Stop The Jaguars On TNF


The Jaguars head into New Orleans to take on the Saints. Will the Jags keep their three-game winning streak going? Or will the Saints rebound after a tough loss against the Texans last week?

As always we must go over last week’s “best bets” before we go over this week.

1. Broncos +10.5 -110 (1U)

WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T I BUY THE HALF POINT? I ALWAYS BUY THE FUCKING HALF POINT! My exact words last week when the Chiefs kicked the late FG to go up 11.

This is what I said about this bet last week “Do I just love pain? Obviously, because I really am putting $$$ on the Broncos to cover this game. Do I think they win this game? No. Do I believe they will back door cover this game somehow? Yes.”

Almost predicted this perfectly. I spent the entire game watching the Broncos play football. PAIN! Then they scored a TD halfway through the 4th quarter and were able to convert the 2PT conversation to make it 16-8. Backdoor cover? Nope! The Chiefs kicked a late FG, making us burn in pain for not buying the half a point.

2. First Score FG +150 (2U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (2U)

I told you it was worth throwing 2U on each. After getting saved two weeks ago from not betting, we doubled down and got all we needed. 1/2. The Chiefs kicked an easy 35-yard FG giving us the first half of our 2U bet. We only had to wait until the next possession to find the fate of the next bet. Russ is gonna Russ, and that’s exactly what this throw was.

All we ask for is 1/2 which is exactly what we got.

3. Russ Wilson Over 227.5 Passing Yards -110 (1U)

Worst bet of the TNF year. 95 yards total. No, I’m not joking. All I’m going to say is a dogshit bet from a dogshit player.

Week 6 Recap

Bad News? We went 1-3. The good news is we hit a 2U bet at +150.

Week 6 Record: 1-3 (-1U)

Season Record: 11-16 (-.2U)

Week 6 Preview

Jaguars Saints

Both of these teams SHOULD be in the playoffs at the end of the year. The Jaguars finally have looked like the team we expected winners of their last three. The Saints on the other hand are sitting at 3-3, looking good one week and horrible the next. Will the Jaguars stay hot or will the Saints get back on track at home?

Week 6 Best Bets

1. Over 39.5 -105 (1U)

Sometimes I think I’m super bright and this is one of those moments. Guess what team is 6-0 on hitting there under this year? The New Orleans Saints. What’s one of the best bets every week in the NFL? Primetime under’s. All the signs are pointing to the under, which is why you bet the over.

Eventually, the Saints have to hit an over right?

2. First Score FG +125 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)

Is Vegas finally catching on about the first score FG? Or is it just because the Saints are so likely to kick a FG to start the game? We all know this bet is locked in every week.

2B Bonus Bet: Saints 1st Score Method- FG +120 (1U)

My bonus bets are 2-0 on the year. Something screams the Saints booting a long FG to start the game.

3. Alvin Kamara Anytime TD Scorer +110 (1U)

The first time we have decided to throw a TD prop in our best bets. When I close my eyes all I see is a huge game from Alvin Kamara tomorrow. He can find the end zone with any touch but something is telling me he will run in an easy 1-yard TD on Thursday.

Best Of Luck

We are officially back in the red on the season. Why don’t we just win all our bets this week between the Jaguars & Saints? I’m oddly confident. Which almost scares me.