Can The Vikings Survive The House Of Horrors?

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The NFL regular season is quickly coming to an end, and the Vikings still, somehow, have a slight chance to get in the dance and do some damage. The boys got a long weekend and then some after almost blowing the largest lead in NFL history at home. What they say about the 20201 Minnesota Vikings is true: we can beat anyone, and we can lose to anyone. Next on tap is a trip to the Windy City to face the struggling Bears on Monday Night Football. We all know Soldier Field is Mike Zimmer’s house of horrors, but the Bears truly stink. Will that be enough to escape with a W? Let’s get into the preview!

Bears Revenge Game?

Revenge is a dish best served hot and in your face when it comes to the NFL. Coaches lose jobs and then recirculate with another team a year later to keep grinding. The Bears have some assistant coaches that are familiar with our team, and they might get a chance at some revenge come Monday Night.

Covid is going crazy right now in the NFL, much like it did in parts of last season. These replacement coaches are surely gonna come out swinging. Especially when you remember how unceremoniously John DeFilippo was dropped when his time in Minnesota came to an end! It was only one season, the nightmare-ish 2018 year where the offense looked like it was ran by a kindergartner. Still, you have to think JDF is gonna take his shots against Mike Zimmer with nothing to lose. I guess the good news is we know his shots are 3 yard bubble screens.

Breezy Go Bye Bye

house of horrors bashaud breeland

This season for our favorite team has been insane. Truly insane. The saga continued on Saturday when the Vikings unexpectedly cut Bashaud Breeland out of nowhere. One of the worst corners this year by PFF standards, Breeland got into it at practice and shit got ugly. So ugly that Slick Rick Spielman had to step in and use his muscle to control the situation.

The move is confusing but logical. Breeland was fucking terrible, but he also knows how to win and we don’t have a ton of other options. Breeland didn’t seem to care much, retweeting the news on his personal twitter and then giving an interesting look at his side of the story. Given that he already has a ring, I don’t think he cares all that much. At least he didn’t threaten to put his johnson in anyone’s mouth this time.

Soldier Field has always posed as our own personal house of horrors. The Vikings almost never win in Chicago, and when we do it’s a narrow escape to victory. Khalil Mack is out, but the rivalry between Akiem Hicks and Dalvin could renew itself Monday night. This game will tell us everything we need to know about our squad going forward. A win will give us a glimmer a hope, a loss tonight and you might as well pack it up. Prediction: Vikings 24, Bears 23.