Can You Have Too Many Fantasy Football Teams?

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I’ve been playing fantasy football for the majority of my life. It started out as just a fun thing to do in addition to watch the games on Sundays. It’s a fucking blast, but can you have too many fantasy football teams?

I already have enough vices in my life in addition to all the sports that consume my life. Then tack on fantasy football which started with one innocent little team that has turned into a four team conglomerate that has turned into an expensive, time sucking, stressful but glorious hobby for myself.

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The Fantasy Football Leagues

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The OG

I think I’ve been in this league since I was in like 7th grade. We started out just playing for fun and now it’s turned into an investment and bragging rights for life. We’ve had some guys come and go and we’ve added some as we get older, but it’s always a good group that pays their league fees and sets their lineups. Sometimes that’s hard to come by.

I’ve never won this league (fuck, that’s depressing), but I’m in the championship game this year so maybe this is my year. Regardless, it’s a fun way to stay in touch with old friends and lose 80 bucks.


I’ve worked for the same place for about ten years now and I’m the one that started the fantasy league, so this one is pretty much my own fault.

Trash talking, making side bets, negotiating trades. It really goes on and on. Who doesn’t need to have something to waste time while you’re at work?

I’ve won this one a few times but it’s not too high stakes so it’s more for fun and procrastinating than anything.

The Current Friends

Does anyone have a choice but to have a fantasy league with their friends?

If your friend group is full of sad Minnesota sports fans like mine its pretty much a necessity. When the team you root for in real life sucks ass most of the time, you kind of have to live in a fantasy land.

This is another one I’ve won a few times, but had a few degenerates that don’t always pay up or set their lineups but don’t usually play for too much. Their my friends and I love ’em so what are you gonna do.


I’ve only been with 10k since the summer, but when I heard they were firing a a fantasy league I couldn’t turn them down.

I’m not gonna mention how I faired in the 10k league this year…but when you’re in a league with a crew of elite sports minds like ours, it’s gonna be tough.

I think everyone paid up…by now. Not gonna mention the late one’s but was a fun league and looking forward to doing it again.

The Answer Is Yes. There’s A Limit.

It’s always hard turning down an invite to a fantasy league but I’m currently at the point where I’m starting to root for pretty much everyone I have on other teams. There’s also only so many witty fantasy team names I can come up with. So yes, you can have too many fantasy football teams and it stresses me the fuck out.

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It’s always fun during the draft to score awesome players, but it fucking sucks when you root against those awesome players every week in other leagues.

I feel like I’m at the point where I probably need to cut one out but there’s no way.

The OG’s? Cant.

Work? Maybe. But then what would I do at work?

Current Friends? Maybe. They’d probably be upset.

10k? Hell No.

Maybe I’ll just keep them all and be miserably happy throughout the NFL season. Things could always be worse. I could sit on my couch for three hours on Sundays and watch only the Vikings. Or I could watch RedZone ALL DAY and think of a billion different scenarios how my fantasy teams could win or lose.

I guess I’ll just be miserable with my first world problems.