Cano Tests Positive for a 2nd Time


The New York Mets have been all over the news the last few weeks. For good and for bad. This week, their ALL-Star second baseman Robinson Cano treated his team’s new owner with a nice gift by testing positive for the second time. And I’m not talking about Covid-19. I’m talking about Performance-Enhancement Drugs.

Honestly, is anyone really that surprised he popped for a second time? He did start his career playing across town learning from the best in A-Roid himself.

Assuming Rob Manfred doesn’t decide on another shortened season in 2021, Cano will have to sit out the entire 162 game season and will also be ineligible for postseason play. While Cano serves his 2nd suspension for PEDs in 4 years, it looks like the Mets will also have an extra $24 Million to play with.

It looked like Cano was finally back to himself in 2020 finishing the season with a .316 batting average, but I guess we now know why.

It’s definitely not looking great for his future Cooperstown bid, but only time will tell what excuse he tries to come up with to play this one off. He didn’t bounce back very well the first time he got suspended and that was only 80 games. Who the hell knows how he’ll do after missing 162 games but I’m really looking forward to watching him try and play PED free in 2022.