Can’t Wait to Watch the Twins Tonight! Oh, Wait…


The Twins have been beatin’ the brakes of the bottom feeders of the MLB and are on a 10-game heater, going for 11 tonight against the Red Sox. Too bad anyone with Xfinity or the “super” user-friendly Bally Sports App won’t be able to watch. Right as all the fans were getting back on the Twins train, we just had to be derailed by the worst regional sports network of all time, mother fucking Bally Sports. I’ve never been more confident in saying anything ever in my life; no one on planet earth has ever said anything good about Bally Sports. I’m going to take it one step further and say that not even their own employees like working there (self-sourced).

All I want to do right now is watch my Minnesota Twins and these assholes can’t come to an agreement?

Who’s to blame?

Someone royally fucked up and needs to suffer the consequences. Is it Comcast? Could it be those cheap bastard Pohlads? Or is it Diamond Sports Group, the owner of Bally Sports? Let’s get real, all parties involved are to blame.

“We’d like to continue carrying their networks, but they have declined multiple offers and now we no longer have the rights to this programming,”

“We will proactively credit our customers for the costs associated with them — most will automatically receive $8 to 10 per month in credits.” – Statement from Comcast

Wow, how nice of Comcast to credit their customers a whole $8! Now their customer’s bills are $250 instead of $258! There’s no way a company that generous would ever try to strong-arm a massive TV rights deal.

“Comcast has refused to engage in substantive discussions despite Diamond offering terms similar to those reached with much larger distributors of ours. We are a fans-first company and will continue to seek an agreement with Comcast to restore broadcasts, and at this critical juncture for Diamond, we hope that Comcast will recognize the important and mutually beneficial role Diamond and RSNs play in the media ecosystem,”

Statement from Diamond Sports Group

This is the ole classic case of he said she said. I’m sure both sides are trying their very best to fuck each other over at the expense of us die-hard fans. A tale as old as time.

How can you watch the Twins?

Seriously though, how do you watch the Minnesota Twins? I always thought I’d be safe with cable. Didn’t think this would be an issue but here we are until the bigwigs at the networks come to an agreement. In the meantime, I found a few ways how you can watch.

The first option is to use the MLB app. I’ve done this in the past and it’s decent, not great. The next option is to cut ties with Comcast and go to DirectTV. That just sounds gross and way too much work, no offense to any DirectTV guys out there. Your final choice is to be that bad boy you always wanted to be and put on your eye patch to become a pirate for the Twins. We gotta support the boys while they’re hot!


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