Captain ANTmerica to the Rescue


It’s the FIBA tourney and Ant has stepped into the spotlight. He is trying to take the reins and lead team USA to gold. If he does, he is Captain ANTmerica.

Now calling Ant a different superhero name is lame because Ant Man is so good. Unfortunately this just makes too much sense because he is on team USA, forgive me. Also we can’t even say A1 from day 1 now, how dumb! We will have to come up with something with A5.


Team USA won impressively with a score of 117-74. The first half was a slow start, but that’s to be expected playing with a whole new team essentially. Now we are happy about that because we are cheering for Team USA of course, but we all know why we’re really watching. That’s for our savior, AntMan. For this tournament though, he is Captain AntMerica.


Like the whole team, Ant started out slow but he came on in the second half like he so often does. He filled it up scoring 11 in the 3rd. What really stood out though is his defense. He once again showed that potential and the consistency that is starting to become a thing. Here are some of his highlights.

It was just such a great Team USA debut for Ant. He did a little of everything. We know Ant can score with the best of them, but seeing him continue to impress on D is awesome. Also seeing the playmaking a little bit too is encouraging. If the playmaking becomes above average, Ant can easily enter the top 10 in the league convos. KD made this same leap going into his fourth year. He played for team USA and was essential in them winning gold. He then turned into the superstar he has become after. This is shaping up to be very similar to that for Ant, I am looking forward to a massive year for Ant and the Wolves.

It was only his first game out there for Team USA, so there isn’t a ton to talk about. Still I wanted to talk about his awesome debut and the excitement for these games going forward. This definitely makes me even more excited for Wolves basketball. Just knowing a huge year is on the horizon for Ant is so exciting.

Tune in to the rest of the games and support Team USA and our guy Ant leading us to gold! Captain ANTmerica to the rescue!